Why We Love Shirley Temple Movie Collections

One of the most beloved and iconic child actors in the early part of the 20th-century, Shirley Temple (1928-2014), also known as “America’s Little Darling,” was renowned for her cute charm and those memorable bouncy red curls. She was also a wonderful actress and dancer. That’s why we love Shirley Temple movie collections! Rewatching her old performances is a nostalgic trip to a classic time in Hollywood. Keep reading to learn more about Shirley and what you might see on Shirley Temple movie collections.

Shirley Temple – The Early Years

Throughout her time as a child actor, Shirley was undoubtedly the one child star who was popular consistently. At the age of three, she started attending classes for singing and dancing. In the year 1933, after being at different auditions with her mother, she was finally hired by Educational Pictures and thus began her childhood career.

From then on, Shirley went on to make a series of movies that are now a part of Shirley Temple movie collections. Starting from an appearance in imitation of the “Our Gang” series where she gave an incredibly accurate impression of Marlene Dietrich and Greta Garbo, she went on to star in other Educational Pictures films alongside stars like Frank Coghlan, Jr., and Andy Clyde.

Afterward, she was signed by Fox Pictures, which was at the time, just on the verge of bankruptcy. She tried out some minor roles in the studio but then single-handedly brought the studio out of bankruptcy when she was given her own starring feature. This was after her performance in Fox’s “Stand Up and Cheer” where she gave an ovation worthy performance of “Baby Take a Bow”.

However, it was the film “Bright Eyes” (1934) that propelled her to stardom. (The musical, made for Shirley, in which she plays an orphan, sometimes has her character confused with the little orphan Annie orphan character in “Annie,” played by Aileen Quinn in 1982. “Bright Eyes” was actually Shirley’s most famous role, which featured her singing the classic tune “On the Good Ship Lollipop.” 

In the year 1934, Shirley earned herself a special Oscar award, a show of gratitude for her contribution towards entertainment and as a recognition of her screen works. While all of this was going on, it was not known yet, but Shirley Temple movie collections were already well underway.

Shirley Temple – The Later Years

Several other movies followed after this big break, as well as several merchandising deals and even studio promotional deals were in the mix. Despite all of the publicity, Shirley’s parents remained strict. So much so that her friends were screened and her every public move was watched and predetermined. Even with all the fame, it did not get to her as she continued to be a cooperative and unspoiled worker. Having a photographic memory not only helped her memorize her lines, but also helped her co-workers when she corrected their lines.

As she grew, she began to take on more daring roles, having her first kiss on screen in the year 1942 and going on to explore sexual roles in the years 1945 and 1947. However, her teenage years as an actor were quite modest compared to her child acting days and as a result of this, she shot her last movie as a supporting actor in the year 1949 before she retired the year after.

In the time of the Great Depression when America needed something to hold on to, the bubbly, curly-haired child Shirley was on screen and was a constant provider of entertainment and humor which greatly lifted the spirits of the American people.

Shirley Temple movie collections stand as a reminder of a time when, despite hardship, Americans had something to look up to. It is a reminder of how greatly entertainment can play a part in lifting our spirits and restoring child-like faith in our lives, and of course, just for the sheer entertainment of it.


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