Why the Arts should not be Cut from Schools

Art classes have always been a way for students to take time off their daily schedules of learning to do something they all love and connect to. These classes are meant to get kids to explore other talents they have apart from the ones they show in the classroom. These classes range from music to painting, sports. These classes have been cut off in some schools for many reasons, there have been debates on whether art classes should be part of the curriculum or not. Let’s take a look at why arts should not be cut from schools.

Why arts should not be cut from schools;

There have been many studies and researches geared at finding the need to allow arts to remain in the curriculum.

Improves coordination and concentrations

According to research by the University of British Columbia, students who participated in the music section of the arts programs tend to score higher in courses like Maths, English, and sciences. Findings of Dr.Frank Wilson of the university school of medicine in san Francisco went further to supplement the research carried out by the University of Columbia, his findings pointed out that Music actually promotes coordination, concentration, improves hearing and eyesight, and helps in the memory of the students.

Improves their creativity skill and thinking

Art classes are engaging and gives the child authority to think out things on their own, unlike the classroom where they are told what to know and not know. It enhances their ability to solve problems on their own, concentrate, and be focused. It enhances their thinking

Improves their socialization skills

The classroom has been know to be a no noise zone, art classes are not filled with noise either, but they give the children space to relate with their mates, they can be tagged together to work on paintings or as a sports team. Thereby, building their relationship skills and tolerance for the views and ideas of others.

Promotes easy understanding

Most kids tend to be lost during classroom teaching. Theambigioussentences and the long lines of Math. Art classes are a better way to infuse learning in a very thrilling and fun way. Most kids don’t even know that they are learning some things during art classes.

Improves their confidence

Normally schoolchildren tend to participate less in the classroom, as they don’t know whether they are right or wrong. They believe that they don’t have a right to contribute, They prefer to keep quiet than speak up and fail. In art classes, nobody painting or singing is wrong as they are encouraged to be creative and express themselves. This breeds confidence that they are able to et things right, this confidence can be channeled towards their classroom education and and improve their grades.


Art courses are beneficial to the children and should not be cut off from the curriculum.  It serves as a way for the kids to wind down from the stressful classroom work and spur their creativity. It is also important to educate them that taking up art as an area of specialization is smart and worthwhile, unlike the regular notion that only kids that are interested in STEM are smart.