Why Real Creativity is Based on Knowledge

Many people are of the opinion that creativity is based on talent. They assume that you have to be born with it or you don’t really have it. Is real creativity inborn? Isn’t there real creativity in knowledge?

In this article, we’re going to look at why real creativity is based on knowledge. We will look at different stories of people who have now become legends in several industries. You will see that you can become as creative as you want.

Do schools kill your creativity?

This has been a debate question for years and the way it seems, we won’t be finding a suitable answer to the questions anytime soon. People usually assume that a child that loves to sing and knows how to do it would lose interest in it after a while of going to school every day and coming back home to focus on more school work.

The only truth to that is, children have no control over what they do. They need adults to direct them right. A reasonable adult has to see that they’re directed towards achieving the things they love and know how to do.

So, schools don’t kill creativity. They are supposed to help you explore it and make it become even better. The main question is, “Do you do what you love the most in school? Or you just do what society loves?”

Why is creativity based on knowledge

Whether you want to agree with me or not, it doesn’t change the fact that a person who is good at arts as a kid may never be better at it without more training and adequate knowledge. People usually pick out big names and claim that they were born with the talent. That’s true, but not entirely. Something usually pushes them to go on further, and it is the knowledge that they acquire along the way.

Nobody is born to be a singer. They saw or heard something or somebody that made them want to try it out. Maybe they have the ability to learn fast, but that’s a story for another day.

Famous people whose creativity was based on knowledge

Acquiring knowledge is work to some extent. You have to learn. Learning isn’t always fun. There comes a time when you have to do it because you want to grow.

Ben Carson: He wasn’t born a neurosurgeon. He got an education and grew into it.

Michael Jackson: Although many people say that he was a born singer, he wasn’t born as an entertainer. He invested hours and hours into learning to be a better singer, dancer, and performer.

Cristiano Ronaldo: Everyone knows how hard he had to work to be as good as he has become. Lionel Messi is his counterpart, and people also assume that he was a born footballer. They ignore the part of his biography that says that he was admitted into Barcelona’s Academy at a very young age. The truth is that he had to learn to be a professional in his field.

These are just a few reasons why anyone should believe that creativity is more of a learned attribute than something you’re born with.