Why Do I Feel So Unhappy?

It is said that we are all in the pursuit of happiness, so we live every day pursuing the same course. However, living a continuously happy life can be challenging because there are several things that drag your happiness with you, and some of these things are mental health problems.

In this article, I will show you some reasons why you feel so unhappy at specific points in your life. Maybe after reading this article, you’ll be able to make some adjustments and decide on how to put yourself in a happier mood.

1. Do you bear grudges?

As mentioned earlier, there are many things that contest your happiness with you, and one of those things is bearing grudges. If you have somebody that has gotten you upset, learn to look over the negative sides because there’s a saying that “The person who was hit, and the person who did the hitting both feel the impact.” Get your mind off negativity and focus on giving yourself joy.

2. Seasonal affective disorder

The seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a mental condition of depression related to the change of the seasons into colder, more depressing winter months, for instance. Luckily, there are vitamins that can help you maintain sanity and ease the symptoms of seasonal affective disorder, such as Vitamin D 125 mcg 5,000 IU by Douglas Labs.

3. You live a lonely life

There’s no doubt that socialization helps us get rid of some of the things that breed unhappiness in our lives. Although mingling with too many people can be a problem for some people who are introverted, it is a great way to relieve yourself of stress and worries. Talking to people who genuinely care about you helps you ease your mind and tension.

4. You’re going through an emotional phase

Sometimes, the reason why you’re not happy may not be because of you. It may be because of heartbreak or due to emotional maltreatment. At this stage, what you should be trying to achieve is forgiveness for yourself and the person who has dealt you a wrong hand.

5. Pressure

Pressure is a major cause of sadness, which has led so many people into depression and suicide. You can feel pressure from friends, the fact that you have not achieved your desired goals, the fact that you have not met the requirements of somebody who means a lot to you, and several other things. Pressure kills, so be careful how often you worry about things that may not matter when you’re no longer around.

6. You’re chasing so many things at the same time

Life is a gradual process and must be treated as such. When you begin to pursue too many ambitions and don’t realize them, you’ll easily be thrown into a state of unhappiness. After all, they say, “Jack of all trade, masters none.”

As for ways to improve your mood naturally, regular exercise and a healthy diet are key! Try dance classes with friends, or to make new ones. Dance is a great way to get more active, burn off steam, and feel better overall.