Where is Dancing with the Stars Filmed?

If you are a fan of the dancing series, you must have heard about Dancing with the Stars (DWTS). It is a dancing competition TV series in America, which first premiered on the 1st of June in 2005. The UK has its own series which is the ‘Strictly Come Dancing’, so the Dancing with the Stars show is the American version. Tom Bergeron first hosted this show from when it first started until 2019. Canning Lisa co-hosted the very first season, Harris Samantha was the co-host of the second season down to the ninth, Burke-Charvet Brooke took over from season 10 down to 17, while Andrews Erin co-hosted from the 18th season through the 28th. The 14th of September 2020 marked the renewal of the 20th season. Tyra Banks replaced Bergeron as the host in the 29th season.

The show’s format consists of the pairing of a proficient dancer and a celebrity. Each couple will perform preset dances, and at the same time, compete against other participants to get votes from the audience and gain points from the judges. Any couple that receives a combination of audience votes and the judges’ points would be evicted every week until there is a champion.

DWTS season 29 premiered for the world to view. While in the pandemic, DWTS (Dancing with the stars) fans all over the world still responded massively to the exhibit. The pandemic has resulted in some differences in the appearance and set of the show. Dancing with the stars’ show characterizes some properly-acknowledged prominent individuals paired with skilled dancers.

The opposition and display find it more appealing and extreme to work day by day, while some other viewers are thinking something different about this show. Many people want to know about the filming locale of Dancing with the stars, and they are curious about it. If you are among the people who want to know where the Dancing with the Stars show was filmed, then this article is for you as we will give you a satisfying answer to your question.

Where is dancing with the stars filmed?

According to IMDB, dancing with the stars was filmed in CBS TV Town, Studio 46. The location of this studio lies at Fairfax, 7800 Beverley Boulevard, LA, CA, USA. Despite the fact that there is a pandemic, DWTS makers did not change the filming locale of this show. But, to abide by the safety measures of the Coronavirus and to maintain social distancing, there have been some modifications in the set of the filming location.

Deadline published a report that says that the whole prominent people are now staying in LA, and will be there throughout the year to avoid traveling. Distant cameras were used instead of a camera team for the rehearsals. This is to avoid human contact. To keep social distancing between the well-known people, the set’s sky lounge had to be taken away.