What’s the Hype About the ‘Joker’ Dance Scene?

There is so much to say about the movie, “The Joker” (2019). The entire concept was mind-blowing. For a lot of people though, the fuss seems to be about the intriguing dance scene wherein we saw the Joker character, played by Joaquin Phoenix, throw on a good show of leg work.

Something titillating about those moves still tickles my fancy, and I totally agree with anyone who says it was a great addition to the Joker character. However, the hype and accolades about the “Joker” dance scene have been hitting the roof since the movie played in the cinemas. It is almost as though the entire movie was based on the dance scene. So, I took a dive into the minds of some of the hype, and here is what I found out.

Why People Love the ‘Joker’ Dance Scene?

The dancing portrayed by the character Arthur in the movie, “Joker,” was something that resonated within the character of the Joker himself. According to the original story, the Joker had music and rhythm trapped somewhere in him, but he couldn’t let it out because of the many mental and emotional issues he was dealing with. The dancing thus symbolizes the life within the Joker – the innate happiness and freedom in him that was suppressed by the harsh conditioning of social stratification and the stigma against mental illness.

Many people were also charmed by the screenplay and cinematics that accompanied the dance scenes For some, they said it was first about the costume, the mix of colors in the 3-piece suit, and how easy the Joker made the dance look. Indeed, it was almost as though he was playfully kipping up and down the stairs and not dancing. The simplicity behind the action and the weight of emotion it revealed etched into the consciousness of many viewers, and they were able to empathize with the awe of the Joker’s character.

More Thoughts on the ‘Joker’ Dance Scene

Another reason for the popular attachment to the dance scene is its timing in the movie. Aside from the first dance scene, where we see the Joker dancing like a clown, he is always dancing amidst impending chaos. This gives off the dance scene good comic relief, making it all the more enjoyable to watch.

Some people thought the dance scene on the stairs reminded them of the late Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.”

These reasons got me to fully understand that the hype was indeed worth it.  What are your thoughts on the “Joker” dance scene?