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What You Should Know About Letterboxd

At one point, somebody said that planet earth is nothing but a vast circle where everyone lives on top, and we are all connected through a system. That system is what we all use to share our ideas and culture through movies and films. This idea is like a severe simplification of the truth, but when one looks through this in reality. It is pretty accurate. Today I’ll be talking about some of the best movies and all you should know about Letterboxd. 

List of Foreign Movies which are the best from Letterboxd 

  1. Parasite (2019)

This movie is a thriller comedy from the southern part of Korea. It talks about a driver who doesn’t have a job but tries to survive with his wife and children. But their luck changes significantly when the son of the main character gets employed by the Park’s family, and they are wealthy. They used him to teach the youngest daughter. He saw an opportunity to get all his family members employed, but a lot of trouble started. Check it out. It would be best if you enjoyed it. 

  1. Transit (2018)

Transit is about someone who tries acting like other people, and he tries to act like his wife who died so he can escape the stress and troubles of a crazy nation. He had a lot of identity papers and the manuscripts of a man that was dead. The main character, a German political person who did not have where to stay, had to remain between the lady of his son’s doctor and the wife of the person he is acting like. He needed to decide if he would select between following his child and wife or running away with his mistress. 

  1. Rafiki (2018)

Rafiki is a movie from Kenya. It is pretty popular. It has obtained millions of dollars all across the world. It is no surprise because it is one of the most attractive foreign movies from the year 2018. Kena and Ziki and their excellent romantic adventure. It talks about the bravery and the struggles of very young people under a lot of pressure. It also looked at LGBTQ rights in Kenya.

My thoughts about Letterboxd Movies

I like Rafiki. I might create time to watch it. That is if I can try and take a break from watching Grey’s Anatomy. But seriously. I am interested in knowing a lot more about how LGBTQ rights affect African countries. In places like the UK and the US, all these gay, queer, bisexual issues do not stress anyone. Everyone is just fine; they live peacefully. But I’m Africa or continents like Africa. It causes a whole lot of problems. It would be best if you tried checking Letterboxd out. You would enjoy it. They have a prime collection of movies that touches every side of town, you know. That would make you relate with everything you like, things you are into and everything your friends would want to watch in a group.