What We Love About Dancing with the Stars

If you ask anyone who got the opportunity to watch “Dancing with the Stars” on ABC what they love about it, there’s an 80% chance that the person will recount some of the memorable experiences they had while watching the series.

When it comes to “Dancing with the Stars,” ever since its debut in 2005, a lot of people have had interest in it, and since then it has skyrocketed to popularity.

For people who wonder what there is to love about this series, here is what we love about “Dancing with the Stars” below.

1. The Controversy

Every strict follower of this series can vividly recount that there’s been a controversy attached to almost all the seasons of “Dancing with the Stars.” And as you know, people love controversies! So how is it possible not to love it?

2.  Dance, dance, and dance!

The very first thing that picks out “Dancing with the Stars” from regular series is the dance. Especially when it has to do with ballroom dancing, which was already going extinct. We love the series because of the inclusion of dance patterns.

3. The Storylines

In the case that I do not have anything to commend about this series, I mustn’t fail to compliment the efforts of the script writers who have done nothing but put in so much work into ensuring that every scene counts! 

4. The Host

Talking about a professional host who had mastered his craft and art over the years, Tom Bergeron comes to mind. He knows how to blend in humor, sarcasm, and seriousness, it takes serious studies to be that good and Tom delivers perfectly. Most people who decided to stick to their TVs watching this series did so because they, at some point, got to see Tom all the time. He got replaced eventually by hostess Tyra Banks, who is also a well-loved celebrity.

5. The Celebrities are Human Too

A lot of people when they get to watch certain TV stars from their homes, tend to wonder if they are really humans or super people who just magically found a way to feature on the screen. I love “Dancing with the Stars” because they get to show us that the stars are also humans. They can get vulnerable, sad, happy, love, they basically displayed emotions and that’s really beautiful.

6. The Professional Dancers

For the fact that we have some of the established professional dancers gracing our screen is enough reason to love this series. In the absence of the stars, the veterans still stick around to keep us entertained. This is the part most people love especially as it has to do with dancing!

There are tons and tons of things to love about “Dancing with the Stars.” It kept us glued, entertained, educated, inspired, motivated, and gave sets of new challenges. It was absolutely worth the view, and if there comes another series this year, people will still hop onto it.