What We Learned About Dance from Tina Turner

It shocked me to learn that Tina Turner was the one that taught Mick Jagger a lot of his moves. Do you get how surprising that can feel? 

Though Mick Jagger and Tina Turner created very different music, their songs was not on the same level at all. Turner showcased her dance moves all during a tour. Turner can have inspired the moves Mick Jagger used. Let’s look at the possibility, shall we?

The things we learned on dance from Tina Turner 

The period Rolling Stones worked with Tina Turner and Ike, according to Harvard Crimson, was when they all met in the 1960s. That was when the stones saw her performance, and they thought it was nothing but amazing. From that point, the stones asked the turners if they would serve as an escort with them in England. The turners did not say no, and in the year 1966, from Royal Albert Hall, they were all part of the Rolling Stones, and we’re there during the opening acts. Whig included the Yard birds with Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck. He served as the lead on guitar. These experiences might have had different impacts on Jagger, you know. 

Who ended up teaching Mick Jagger how to dance 

From rolling stone, Chris Jagger asked his brother about the origins of his dance techniques. Mick stated their Mama tried to teach them, and that was how he learned how to waltz the living room aright to Victor Sylvester’s songs. We would dance around the room to attempt the steps with me not looking or matching Mama’s Toes. Chris reported that Mama was an epic dancer, and when she passed this technique to her child Mick. At that time, she had no idea he would become iconic. 

Tina Turner showed the world that you could be whoever you want to be at the same time, dance your feet to the sound of your personality. This was how she lived her life, all through her concerts. There was always one little boy or one little girl that learned a thing or two from her dance moves. She was a great one, Tina Turner. Several celebrities have included her name in the lyrics of their songs. Her dance moves are fantastic, entertaining, thrilling, and when you see her do it, you would have nothing to wish for other than knowing how she did it. 

My thoughts on what the world learned from Tina Turner 

As I stated some seconds ago, you see Tina Turner dancing; you would want to get rid of your boots and join her to the beat. She’s that awesome, honestly. She does her best and tries to keep making each performance better than the last. She was a legend; truth be told—an inspiration to her generation, one generation, and the Future. Here’s to you, Tina Turner; wherever you are today, know that the world would never forget you.