What To Look for in a Dress for Salsa Dancing

Whether you are starting a salsa class or you have completed your class and you are ready to a hit salsa party, your dressing is an important aspect that you should give attention to. Well, a salsa class or salsa party may not be a fashion show, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear something fashionable. The truth is that your dressing is a part of the activity.

Salsa socials don’t have a strict dress code as you are only expected to dress appropriately for the event. Salsa is a physically demanding activity,  so be prepared to go in dresses that are appropriate for salsa dancing.

Are you attending a salsa dancing class or you have been invited to a salsa party? If yes, the following are what to consider to pick an appropriate dress for salsa dancing.

·   Comfort: You should be looking to pick a dress that you are comfortable in. Salsa dancing is a physical activity and a demanding one. So, your outfit must be comfortable and allow you to move freely.

·   Wear safe outfits only: Ensure that whatever item of clothing you want to pick is safe. For example, you don’t want to wear a shoe that may trip you over. Ensure you wear shoes that provide enough support. Also, wearing the right pair of shoes can make dancing and spinning easier.

·   Avoid outfits that can make other people uncomfortable: Salsa dancing requires physical contact with a partner,  therefore, you shouldn’t wear revealing or provocative dresses that may distract or make your partners feel uncomfortable.

What to Wear for Salsa Dancing


Women should wear dresses above knee – long dresses that will restrict your movement and may cause you to trip while dancing. A-line or skater dresses are flattering and desirable salsa dresses. They fly up beautifully while turning and spinning. They are a beautiful choice of salsa dress. Wear fitted jeans or leggings, cropped pants, shorts or capris that allow you to move freely and easily. Short sleeve and sleeveless tops are most preferable, depending on the weather. Wear flat shoes or heels that are 2 inches high or less.


Men can wear long sleeve or short sleeve button up cotton shirts, Jeans, khakis, or slacks, light vests, and flat shoes.

What Happens When You Do Not Wear the Right Dresses for Salsa Dancing

The worst thing that can happen to anyone in a salsa class or salsa party is wearing the wrong clothing. You will miss out on learning and fun. Wearing the wrong clothing may distract you from learning in a salsa class.

You are at a high risk of injury when you do not have the right clothing. For example, a long body dress can cause you to fall while trying some movement.

The wrong salsa dresses make you uncomfortable and you will end up making your partner uncomfortable as well. You will endlessly adjust and readjust your cloth if you have wrong clothing on.

You can save yourself inconveniences and embarrassment by focusing on comfortable clothes and those that allow a range of movement.