What the Return of Live Performances Means to the Entertainment World since COVID-19

The pandemic article, are you ready? Yeah, I know I sound like a rock star already. I’m not just the only one that cannot wait for the return of love performances since the COVID 19 pandemic begun. 

Though the lights have been dark in Hollywood, several different entertainment paths have been trying to reinvent themselves all through the crisis time. When it comes to watching television late at night, some hosts have traded their beautiful production sets for their living room sofas. 

The value of production is certainly one that people would not remain used to. The interesting thing is that these lovely hosts have endeared people because just like that, one afternoon, they all become real people that we should know. 

People like Helf Mateu started their careers being on NBC pages and working at Late Night with David Letterman from Saturday Night Live. She also represented writers for both television and films when she lived in New York. You would like how Jimmy Fallon incorporated his kids in this show. She stated that it makes him highly relatable to several other Americans that practice social distancing at home with their kids. 

There are lots of TV shows that adapt slowly to brand new circumstances. O’Dowd explained that there are very different types of sectors in the entertainment industry that would bounce back faster than several others. 

Late-night live performances would be simpler to rebound than maybe those which occur during the day. Imagine you want to watch Beyoncé perform in a concert during the day. There would need to be like a hundred people on set to promote the entire thing. Bringing large crowds together has been the problem. We could have live concerts online, that’s not a problem. But it would never be the same as experiencing it live. 

It all goes back to the type of entertainment one is talking about. Do you understand? It is not the same type everywhere.

But with the vaccines being available and it seems like they are working. And then with very rapid testing centers. I think there are some concerts which have occurred in some countries presently. These concerts stated that everyone who was on the converted ground needed to wear their face masks. Before entry into the concert ground, they needed to get tested immediately. Then they got their results on their phone about five minutes after. It was cool.

My thoughts on concerts and live performances coming back 

So the entertainment world, be happy, feel good. Know that these trying times would soon be over. The demand for your products and your services would soon get right back to where it was before the pandemic started. I have a feeling it would even become higher. Here’s to remaining positive through all of this. Because what other choice do we have but to hope for the best.