What is Art in Your Own Words?

Different people have come up with several ways through which they talked about what art is. The truth is, art doesn’t have a definite meaning. Every meaning given to art comes solely from the perspective through which a person sees it.

Art is an esteemed variety of human life that involves the idea or creation of things that appeal to the eye, those which appeal to the ears, to the touch, and more, such as music, art, literature, etc.

Also, it involves the creation of structures and several artworks that directly or indirectly connotes the beliefs, emotions, imaginations, skills, and personality of the artists, which are usually created to reach out to people who share in the same culture and can deeply relate and connect with it.

Visual Forms of Art

Initially, when people started embracing art, it is specifically thought to be that which we can see, ranging from photography to paintings to molding of sculptures to so many other things, which visually and beautifully tease our sight. And, this makes it the most widely recognized form of art, as well as the most documented. The elements of visual arts, for example, include texture, form, space, shape, color, value and lines.

Another form of visual arts that is highly underrated is architecture. Many have failed to recognize the amount of work and mental energy being out in to make a dream house a reality. Architecture is visual art that is undermined; it takes a lot of craft and expertise to perform. An architectural design hardly exists twice; it’s usually once and once. The interior design of a structure is also considered artistic.

Art talks about what it stands in the form of our reality. It represents what an artist feels; it’s an easy way of unburdening the mind and relieving the content of our heart in bits or in full! You can never get enough of it because each epitome of artistry, hits you in different ways another won’t.

Other Types of Art

Art shouldn’t be limited to just visual arts. There’s a big quest for the emergence of different artists promoting different things and not just the visuals. As mentioned earlier, art is simply the implementation of the human imagination and skill to create something that emanates from his or her emotions to feelings and reality. It could also be a representation of another’s reality or imagination. Sometimes, art imitates life, and sometimes it seems it’s the other way around.

A good piece of art could mean a lot of things to different people depending on what they feel or where they are coming from. A South African song definitely might not sound like a beautiful work of art to someone from America, that doesn’t make it any less artistic. That’s because art is subjective.

However, when making decisions or judging a work of art, certain things are being considered to be able to differentiate a good art from a bad one – contrast, unity, movement, balance, harmony, proportion, and variety. These are the principles of art and they are not arranged in their order. Again, the moment artists begin to implement the principles and the elements of art in their artwork, art is forever going to tease and bless the five senses.

This can be true in music, dance, and many other forms of art.

Art is beautiful; let’s accommodate it.