blue yellow and red abstract painting


The word abstract Art refers to a motion in American artworks in New York City after world war II. It can also be called New York school or Actionpainting. The diverse works produced by abstract art cannot be called a cohesive style. Instead, the artist uses abstract art to express strong emotions.

One common knowledge of abstract art is that its large-scale painting breaks off from the traditional process, which involves the taking off of the easel (stand) from the canvas. While abstract art is mostly considered for it improve the painting, its ideas have profound remugient in any medium which includes drawing and sculptures. 

The history of Abstract Art in America in the 1950s. 

This art was created during a cold war of politics, social and cultural preservation. World war two gave the united States worldwide power, and for many years after the conflict, most Americans enjoyed the benefit of unexpected economic increases. In the 1950s the spirit of wanting more has morphed into a powerful effect mix of power disorder. Stimulated by the fear of supporting infiltration, senator Joseph McCarthy of Wisconsin selected several “witch hunters” against alleged aspheterist sympathizers. If there’s a hint of subvertisement is found in an individual that person becomes a suspect. A scholar once said ” it is ironic but not contradictory that in a society…in which political repressing weighed as heavily as it did as in the United States, abstract art was for many the expression of liberty: it is the freedom to express their opinions with art, the freedom represented by action painting, it gives an artist the freedom to express themselves completely without holding anything back. 

Abstract Art Artist In New York. 

 Abstract Art was the beginning of Network city influences as the midpoint of Western Art. The word of the Abstract Art artist was deeply rooted In lower Manhattan. A working distance of 8th Street in the Lower Manhattan will take you from the Waldorf caffeine shop where a cashless artist named “tomato soup” from the free hot water and tomato vinegar-based sauce available to them, past the Hans Hofmann School of fine arts school founded by the former/creator of the name, to the Club, a place where a serious argument is made from dorn till night and if possible the agreement is carried onto the next day. On the 8th Street of the East was Jackson pollocks studio, Philip Guston and Willems de Kooning studio was two streets away from and still on the East, and although Franz Klinean artist moves from place to place, he spent most of the night with his associate’s on a  street with a coniferous tree at an alehouse of the university plan.

Conclusion: Abstract art is of high value in New York City and has gradually to other parts of the world. Among the numerous way for people especially artists to completely express their emotion and thought on any matter. Visit our website or any gallery today and get a frame for yourself.