What are Some Careers in Dance?

Dance, aside from being an art form, is a serious business that has grown in leaps and bounds over the years. It is a way of life for some and a source of income for a lot of people. When dance is discussed, do not make the mistake of limiting it to the performance itself. There are also many important moments before curtains fall, which include a lot of work, many people working behind the scenes, and different teams creating what you see.

It is an independent industry brimming with opportunities especially now that entertainment is a major source of revenue for most economies across the globe. Are you looking for a career in dance, but you are confused as to what aspect to channel your energy and talent to, consider how you wish to be a part of this creative industry. We have carefully compiled a few career options in dance that you can take up.


Do you have a flair for passing on knowledge and you wish to see that the dance art is passed on to as many feet as possible? You should consider a career in teaching dance depending on your qualification or the kinds of subjects you find it easy to work with. There are many college dance programs that offer a K-12 certification that allows you to teach dance in public schools. This option keeps you on your toes and ensures that your creative juices don’t dry up as you have to water others.


As a physical/dance movement therapist, you are given the invaluable opportunity to know how the body of a dancer works and relate with them on a deeper level that goes deeper than their bodies to how their minds affect their movements. Formal education is however required for this line of work as there is a need to have a wide knowledge of anatomy and kinesiology.


This is a lucrative career path if you know what you are doing, but it requires patience and networking to get good deals. As a choreographer, you create dance routines for different productions including movies, theatre, and music videos. While no formal education is required, you need to at least gain your training from a good teacher or institute to hone your skills and help you stand out. A lot of big names come to mind who have carved a spot for themselves amongst the stars as choreographers. You can start small until you can get a dance company of your own. Either way, as a dance choreographer you get a sense of fulfillment.


Staying fit is an obsession with the modern demographic that has been channeled into a lucrative industry. You too can tap into this by becoming a dance instructor. You can take on personal clients or lead group fitness classes. If you find that you are fun, energetic, and innovative, this is a great way to go. Dance is highly aerobic and is a fun way to stay healthy and trim.


Do you possess organizational skills and administrative qualities alongside your passion and interest in the dance industry? This career option is a great one as you will have your thumb on the pulse of whatever dance company that hires you as you will be kept busy booking gigs, keeping the accounts, sourcing locations, and funds. You will basically be the engine that keeps the company moving.

These are only a few options as the opportunities in the dance industry are boundless and there is definitely one career that fits your unique personality and skill set.