The Most Famous Costume Designers of Stage and Screen

Today, I’ll be talking about some of the most Famous Costume Designers on Stage and Screen. 

Working and having a job where your role is to be a costume designer, one of your let tasks would include conducting research. This is important so you could make authentic pieces. You would want to look at all of the greats. This is important so you learn how you can make costumes that would never die.  

List of the Most Famous Costume Designers of Stage and Screen

Edith Head

When recognizing the most Famous Costume Designers of Stage and Screen, Edith Head is around number one on this list. She is one of the most successful costume designers ever. There are iconic credits like those from Roman Holiday, Sunset Boulevard, Funny face too. She racked to about thirty Oscar nominations, and she has won eight. She worked on about eleven movies with Alfred Hitchcock. She wore her silver screen icon style, just like Natalie Wood and Audrey Hepburn. She’s also a great role model. 

Deborah Nadoolman

She does iconic work. She puts together the most famous costume available in history. Harrison Ford’s Fedora jacket and hat in Raiders from the Lost Ark. Deborah is responsible for the suits which the Blues Brothers and the Red Jacket of the famous Micheal Jackson in a thriller. She truly deserves to the second on this list. 

Michael Kaplan

If you want to learn how to be versatile, this should be your role model. Micheal adapts to creating designs and costumes for psychological thrillers. Just like David Fincher’s noir detective movies Se7en. He also has been a part of enormous budget science fiction productions like Star Trek into Darkness. Kaplan Micheal worked on Pearl Harbor. There he showed that he could easily be a master when it came to creating clothes on period. 

Sandy Powell

If you want to get inspired for period costumes, you need to watch out for some of the products Sandy Powell worked on. This talented costume designer worked on highly successful period films in modern history. Movies like Shakespeare in love, gangs of new York, and let’s not forget the Aviator. Sandy has a gift for creating period-accurate pieces and making them look original enough to feel appropriately contemporary. 

My thoughts on these Most Famous Costume Designers of Stage and Screen

It is not easy to be a legend in your job. Like, to be an icon and remain one of the best, especially if you are into this type of work. You know, creating and designing clothes for people to wear in movies. Like, forget about it. That alone isn’t easy; talk more of actually being one of the most famous. I mean, I have the person that created the Micheal Jackson Thriller jacket on this list. That’s Wow. I’m shocked. Many people kick ass in this business, and I wish we could all be mentioned on lists like this too.