The Best Foreign War Movie

If you are a history lover, you would no doubt love old war movies, especially those born from history that bring recorded historical events back to life. It is a way to bring a profound sense of understanding to both young and old viewers. The best foreign war movie will help the young see how far a country or a nation has come and how war affected those who lived through it, to remember what they fought to protect and why it was worth protecting.

While we can say that World War II was perhaps the most memorable and most widely recreated foreign war movie, we cannot exactly say which foreign war movie is the best, as there are several. Here are a few of our top favorites.

Fortress of War – 2010

This is a Russian/Belorussian movie. It is based on the events that took place during the defense of the Brest Fortress. This movie is set in 1941 just at the time when Operation Barbarossa began. It shows the story of Alexander “Shasha” Akimov who was 15 years old. It shows how different groups came together to form an alliance known as the resistance in order to defend the fortress, despite having limited means of communication.

The fortress during this time was housing 300 families and 9,000 soldiers who were all unprepared for any form of invasion. In addition, the Germans carried out an air raid which destroyed their supplies and equipment. This movie shows off one of the most heroic defenses carried out by the Soviets in history.

Days of Glory – 2006

This movie is Moroccan, and these options would not be complete without it. This movie had an Oscar nomination for best foreign film. It is centered on the fight for the free French by African soldiers, and its focus is on six different characters from different backgrounds all within the colonies of France. This movie goes to show the kind of bond that war can create among people from different backgrounds who have all faced different adversities outside of war. Apart from a freedom fight, this movie also depicts issues of religion, promotion, racism, and even pension.

Das Boot – 1981

This is a German movie and while it is an old one, it is considered to be one of the best war movies that have ever been created, one that both critics and audiences worldwide revere. It depicts the life of the officer on board the German U-96 war boat, and the authenticity of this movie is amazing as its level of detail is exquisite. It is a movie that allows the audience to have a first-hand look into the irony of war, and it is no wonder it had six Academy Award nominations.

These are our picks! Watch one this weekend! They’re each worth a look!


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