Cultural Differences in Arts & Entertainment: Sweden vs Thailand

Cultures of different places differ, meaning that what you see in one place may not be obtainable in another place. A clever case in Sweden vs Thailand. We will compare what is obtainable in one place and not seen in its counterpart. Do you know that what may be allowed in Sweden may be seen as taboo in Thailand?

5 Cultural Differences Between Sweden vs Thailand


One thing that stands out in Thailand is their architecture. The fact that Thailand is a Buddhist country makes it have a lot of wats or temples. When you get close to a temple, you will notice pure beauty. When you step inside, you will be amazed at what is obtainable. In Sweden, you hardly see a Buddhist temple around.

Apart from the temples, a lot of the buildings there look modern. After all that’s where IKEA is from!

Wearing Shoes in the House

If you have been to Sweden, you will notice that no one cares if you wear shoes into their house. It would look weird to them if you remove your shoes at the door. You can’t try the same thing in a house in Thailand. It is seen as a taboo to wear your shoes into someone’s home. If you do, it makes your host feel that you are disrespectful. This is another Sweden vs Thailand comparison that you should never forget. The removing of shoes at the door has been linked to the fact that shoes have to be removed before you enter a temple – out of respect.

PDA – The Holy Grail of Love

In Sweden, it is common to see two people holding hands, kissing, and even dry humping themselves in public and no one would term it as weird. Big cities like London and Paris have people in love displaying their love in public. If you do something like that in Thailand, you may be seen as a disrespectful person. The Thai people believe that your love should be displayed in the comforts of your home and not on the streets. You can take a walk with your loved ones, and hold their hands, and no one would stare twice, but once you start kissing, everything changes.

Smiling in Public

If we should continue this Sweden vs. Thailand comparison and we ignore this, we would not be doing justice to the process. The Thais people are friendly. They love to smile, and this is one reason it is called the Land of Smiles. If you stop someone, especially a local and ask a question in Thai, there is a great chance that he or she will go out of his way to be nice. You will see them being polite. Polite strangers may be seen in Sweden, too, but not in the same numbers as in Thailand.


This is something that can be seen in Thailand. Guys are allowed to dress as females in public. Crossdressing is quite common and has been ingrained into the culture of the land. It doesn’t attract any stares because it is seen as normal, unlike in Europe. People do not like to stand out in Europe, especially in Sweden. Do you know that boys are allowed to dress like girls to school in Thailand, and they won’t be questioned? I kid you not.

So now you should understand the biggest differences when it comes to Sweden vs Thailand. What are your thoughts about these cultural differences?