Roundup of the Top Dance Magazines

This article would briefly talk about a simple round-up of some of the top dance magazines available today. Let’s do this…

List of Top Dance Magazines Available

Dance Magazine

This dance magazine is available in the United States, New York too. It talks about everything related to dance. It has been published by Media of dances. It posts two different things daily. It has about 468.8k Fans on Facebook, 126.1k fans on Twitter, 125.8k fans on Instagram. It also has a social engagement rate of 198.

Dance Spirit Magazine

This Dance Spirit Magazine, available in the United States, New York too. This talks about all you need on things like musical theater dance, ballroom, lyrical, contemporary, hip hop, jazz, ballet top. This dance spirit magazine keeps you in check with all the things you would like to know about dance. It has Facebook fans of 472.2k, followers on Twitter about 81k, followers on Instagram about 102.6k, Social Engagement rate of 15.

Pointe Magazine

This magazine is available in New York. It gives you great information, advice, insight, and everything established and aspiring dancers would like to learn.

It has 580.8k fans on Facebook. Followers on Twitter reach 62k. Instagram followers reached 136.5k. It has a social engagement rate of 152. You can follow these magazines on their social media pages like Facebook and Instagram and join these high number of followers. You’re going to enjoy it.

Dance Magazine of Information and Dance Digital Magazine.

This is an online magazine for the industry. It shows dance formats and new services. Dance Informa shows the online state of the art and free things that are sent to the inboxes of the emails of dancers. It shows them a huge world of opportunity and makes these dancers know of different dance auditions, dance workshops, events, and performances that happen locally and internationally. It has Facebook fans of about 114.6k, followers on Twitter reach 6.8K, Followers on Instagram reach 20.2k, and a social engagement rate of 1. As the name implies, dance Informa is simply available to teach all those that have the chance and time to read it all they need to know. You can follow these on their social media pages on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Dance Studio Magazine for Life.

This is organized and dedicated to providing quality dance education. It has a back to principles technique of approach. There’s also the division of the Rhee Gold Company. The mission of this is for it all to be at the forefront of education and dance. This promotes the best possible standards in teaching. Dance Studio Life helps in understanding the soul of the field of teaching. All of these are extremely important in the lives of future and present dancers. This magazine shows them and tells them about all they need to know. It helps them academically too. For all, they need to know relating how to be a better dancer and a better teacher to other dancers. ;