Renegade Dance Tutorial

Every new year comes with a new frenzy. This year, TikTok is gradually taking over social media with different challenges accompanying it, and we just can’t get enough of it.

The Renegade dance is the new TikTok challenge and a lot of people have already joined the bandwagon. In the midst of all the frenzies, some still find it hard to do all the woah, the wave, and whatnot that came with the dance, and that’s fine. In this article, you are going to learn how to do the 15-second renegade dance challenge in these few, simple steps.

Renegade Dance Tutorial Steps

Do the woah and clap

This is done by putting one of your arms up and the other one down, interchangeably.

Do a figure eight

Rotate your hands in circles and make a wave alongside. Make your hand movement look like that of a worm, let it also expand to your fist.

Do the X-Formation

Initiate an X by joining your hands together. This sort of makes your hand go up and makes the back of your hands collide. Take your hands down again and make sure you are slapping your elbows.

Put your hands in front of you

Make the stop sign with your two hands, and ensure that both hands are away from your face.

Move and snap your arms

Try to move your arms and then snap. Ensure that you snap with both hands.

Move and bend your body

Form your fist while your hands are vertically glued to your body, then slowly move, and bend your body to the front, side, and back simultaneously.

Make to push outwardly 3 times

Keep your face at your side. Rotate your arms while your palms face up and then your elbows make a hit with your waist. Put your hands to your front and repeat this process but this time, let your hands be somewhere near your shoulders. Lift your hands and put them above your head and bring it down again to your shoulders with your both palm downwards.

Snap your hands twice and dab

Go in with one hand and while you try to put away the hand, make a snap the second hand. Just like the first hand, move it away then make your day.

Swing your arm and cover your face

Your arm should slowly rotate in your front while it’s kept parallelly on the ground. When you hear “woo” slowly push your head backward, this time, your face should’ve been covered with both hands.

Put those hands back and exhale

Exhale and slowly put both hands out of your face when you hear the “Ah.” Let it be done twice with each of your hands.

Activate your hips

Make your hips pop twice to the beat while your hands are placed behind your head. Disengage your hands, and then place them at both sides of your waist and move to the music tune. Raise your hips again. Do this repeatedly.

Join the above steps together

Learn the steps continuously and finally join them together to get the renegade dance.

And, that is the renegade dance tutorial! Enjoy!