Nepali Dancing Styles

When we talk about some of the means of building cultural values, love, and entertainment, there’s no way we will leave out Nepali dancing. Most people who indulge in Nepali dances do so for the fun of it and the pleasure they get from the way their feet and body move simultaneously to the rhythm of the song.

If you are looking to have a very exciting experience with Nepali dancing, then you should do well to make a great choice of music as this is one of the best parts of doing this dance. This dance is divided into two main categories – the classical and the folk dance. For people who do not know, this article will be showing you the different styles of doing Nepali dancing.

Classical and Folk Nepali Dance

The classical dance style is done by dancing to the rhythm of ancient folk music from Nepal

Some of the Nepali dancing that falls under these categories include:

1. Haruman Nritya

People of the hilly areas such as Baglung and Syangja are known for owning and constantly doing the dance style.

2. Khyali Naach

This is also known as Pangdure dance, which is usually displayed at festive celebrations.

3. Deuda Naach

The Midwestern and the far western region of Nepal are the owners of this dance. To do this dance, dancers come together to form a circle with their shoulders and also by holding their hands. Some other countries are beginning to adopt this dance style too.

4.  Dandi Naach

Also called Phagu Naach, Danchi Naach is a dance that is majorly displayed in Phagu Purnima. Dancers are required to keep hitting their sticks in patterns between their partners.

5. Gauna Nritya

Mostly done on religious occasions, Gauna Nritya is a popular dance in the Janakpur region in Nepal.

6. Devi Nritya

The Kathmandu Valley at the Gai Jatra region usually witnesses the Devi Nritya dance, since that where it’s usually done.

7. Chyabrug Nritya

The Limbu community owns this dance. It’s part of their cultural heritage. The song that’s often used for the Chyabrug Nritya dance is called “Chyabrug.”

8. Hopcha Nritya

This is a classical dance that’s popularly performed by the Rai community In the region of Dhankuta.

9.  Kaura Naach

The Maara of the western region are high performers of this dance. “Kaura” song is the tune you dance to when you want to do the Kaura Naach.

10. Mundhum Naach

The Mundhum Naach is popularly owned and performed by the Kirat community. The “Mundhum” song is the rhythm to dance to.

11. Bhairab Nritya

Bhairab is a classical Nepali dance performed mostly in the Kathmandu and Pokhara regions. During this dance, the dancer tends to disguise as a Bhairab.

12. Chhokara Nritya

Similar to Maruni dance, Chhokara Nritya is a dance that is performed mostly by people in the far western region.

The Nepali dancing styles are beautiful because they are part of the many ways of promoting the tradition of this historic region.