Love Michael Jackson? Learning Thriller Dance Tips May Help!

We all love Michael Jackson, and it was devastating when he died. Years have gone by, and he is not coming back. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t remember him by his amazing dance moves. 

One of MJ’s best dances was to his famous “Thriller” hit single.

Learning the “Thriller” dance is quite easy. Do not be scared, we will simplify it.

Steps to Learning Thriller Dance 

Beginning Dance Moves

One thing that you should understand about this dance is that you need to show some attitude. In the beginning, you will have to stay stationary and stare at your pretend audience – MJ style. Ensure that your right shoulder is up, and then you move your head to it before you take it back. Have your shoulder lowered, then start from the beginning again two extra times. Once you are done, you are a step closer to learning the Thriller dance. (You can also look for video tutorials on YouTube for visual instructions.)

The Actual Steps

Move to your left, and have your knees bent, and keep one arm at your back, while the second one is at your front. Carry out the forward-and-back shimmy.

Carry out four shuffling steps to the left, but do it like you are moving down. Carry out these steps by starting with your right foot. While you do this, ensure that your arms are mimicking a swimming movement. You know the movement you make with your arms when you are trying out a breaststroke. Move your body to the right and repeat the above step. Begin the movement with your left foot. 

Carry out a tiny hop to the right side, putting your head back. End the movement with your right four coming forward. Carry out two tiny hops to the right, while you bend forward. Swing your body left, and ensure your knees are bent.

At this moment, do three signature pelvic thrusts. 

Ensure that you are standing straight while facing down. Have your hands raised over your head, and jam your hands together in a clap, before you move to the left while your body seems like it is facing forward. At this moment, move your head to the right left right left right left.

Raise your right foot and hit it on the ground, after that, raise your shoulders then drop them before you look left. Move your arms on top of your head then clap. Move to the right, while it seems like you are looking forward, then move your head to the right, left, right, left, right, left.

Raise your left foot up then hit the ground, and have your shoulder dropped before you look left. Trudge forward, in a way that you shuffle. Use the pattern: right, left, right, left, right, then left, right, left, right and left. 

In no time, you are dancing like Michael Jackson!

Remember, learning Thriller dance moves may seem hard at first, but you will get it down in no time. Just pretend you’re one of the zombies in his music video, and give it your best shot! If that doesn’t work, try the Michael Jackson: The Experience dance game for the Nintendo Wii.