How to Slow Dance

A slow dance is a type of dance performed by only two people, in which both parties move their bodies slowly to the slow beat of the music. it is a partner dance that gives room for a romantic partner and flirting. To be able to perform this dance both partners need to master at least the basic moves and trust each other to avoid tripping.

Let’s take a look at how to slow dance;


  • First of all, you need to get a partner. Move to your partner or a friend, or someone you wish to dance with, ask to dance with them politely.
  • If you are close to your partner or in some kind of relationship with your partner, you both can stand together or even incline to each other. If not, a foot away is okay but not too far from each other.
  • As the dance leader, place your right elbow just below your partner’s left armpit, curving it slightly, the right hand should rest on your partner’s left shoulder blade for guidance during the dance.
  • The responding partner should place the left arm over the partner’s right arm and place the left hand on the right shoulder with a light grip.
  • Both dancers are to clasp their free hands slightly and raise up to eye level.
  • For couples, one of the partners can wrap their arms around the other partner’s waist, and the second partner around the other’s neck.


First of all the basic moves;

  • Movement between you are your partner should be in synchronization to avoid tripping.
  • Move two steps to the left, first with your left leg, then move the right foot over, do this move twice.
  • Now move in reverse to the first movement. Right foot first, followed by the left foot, repeat this step again.
  • Now alternate between the first and second step till you both are comfortable and in perfect synchronization.

To move in a circle;

  • Place your left foot diagonally, now follow up with the opposite foot in a forward and backward movement in line with the leading foot.
  • Continue the movement at an angle so that the dance is moving in a circle. 

This is a bit risky on a crowded floor.

Now moving on to more advanced steps

To spin your partner;

  • Take the basic left to the right steps for 8 seconds.
  • Take 3-4 slow steps to the right.
  • Lift your right hand from your partner’s back.
  • Take 3-4 steps to the left, lift your partner’s hand together with yours.
  • Then spin your partner.
  • Move your right arm back below your partner’s armpit.

To dip your partner;

  • Complete the basic steps, pull your partner away, then pull them closer guiding their right hand to your left shoulder.
  • Rest both of your hands behind their back, bend your left knee slightly then dip your partner.
  • The responding partner should bend the right knee as they lean back with the left leg pointed forward and the right arm over the partner’s shoulder.
  • Return to the normal position, then continue the dance.


Make sure to move to the beat of the dance as you take your steps. You can get chatty, compliment your partner on their moves, and don’t forget to thank them when the dance is over.