How to Slow Dance

It is time for the ball, or you want to slow dance with your baby boy or baby girl, but you don’t know how to yet. Well, today, I’ll be showing you beautiful ways to slow dance with either your partner, your girlfriend, boyfriend, or loved one. Stay tuned and enjoy this piece. 

Ways you could quickly learn how to Slow dance. 

You need to try and escort your partner with grace. 

You could peacefully ask your partner, “Would you love to Dance “if they say yes, you should gently hold the hand of your partner and escort them to the dance floor. You need to select a peaceful spot on the dance floor where it is not so crowded. Then you start dancing. It is this simple. If you love to spice things a little bit, you could check out several videos for fancy better ways to get your dancing partner to the dance floor. 

When it comes to your dance position 

It is essential to begin your dance with a fantastic position. This lets you lead or peacefully follow your partner better than expected. 

If you’re the leader 

If you are leading the dance, you should place your right hand at the back of your partner’s left shoulder. You should ensure your right elbow is placed higher and your elbow bone is pointed out to the right side of your body. 

If you’re the follower 

It would be best if you wrapped your entire left arm around the partner’s arm, which is lifted. Then place your hand around their biceps. 

Both of you could then bring both arms up and then clasp both of your hands together. Your elbows need to get relaxed, and you should point it down slightly. 

It would be best if you found the beat as you listen to the music 

Before you start your dancing moves, you should adequately listen to the song played. You should also find the beat and slowly move to the sway. Gently shift the weight from one leg to the next following the beat of the song played. The tempo of the song ends up determining how fast or how slow you end up moving. 

What are the basic steps? 

The basic steps are great for beginners. You could easily do it. You could use it to work intensely using several slow dance music peacefully. You could practice this slowly and repeatedly till it becomes next to walking. When you are the leader using this simple step, you should be intentional about feeling and being confident. This way, you end up having an incredible partner who follows you all through your movement.

My thoughts on how to Slow dance

I love slow dancing. I have not done it before. I am still looking for the perfect person to Slow dance with. But before that time comes, I’ll be writing articles on the subject till I get lucky. It takes a lot of grace to get the art right. If you follow the steps above, you’ll feel like Prince Charming or Cinderella.