How to Shuffle Dance

The shuffle dance also known as Melbourne shuffle is a popular dance step that originated in the 1980s in involves repeatedly shuffling the feet inwards and outwards and movement of the arm up and down, side to side, sequential with the beat. The shuffle dance is mainly danced alongside electric music but has spread to other Genres like House, EDM, etc.

How to shuffle dance;

Learning how to shuffle looks like a difficult task, mostly with the foot movement, but taking the time to learn the basics and practicing is key to being a perfect shuffle dancer.

There are two basic moves in shuffle dancing

Running man

This is one of the most simple and basic steps in shuffle dancing. It is always the first step to learn shuffle dancing and it is very easy to learn.

  • Stand straight with your feet together.
  • Raise your right leg up until your right knee is at least about your waist level.
  • Return your right foot to the floor, as you are doing this, using your left feet, hop and slide your left feet back to the normal position.
  • Now repeat this move, whilst alternating from the left to the right.

Kick side step

  • Another basic move for beginners, the kick side step is kind of a spin-off from the running man step. Let’s take a look at the steps;
  • Place your feet together.
  • Lift your right leg and kick your foot forward.
  • Return the right leg, hop your left foot to the right side.
  • Then raise your left foot to your waist level, kick it to the side, then keep your foot down.
  • Alternate the steps from side to side.

Let’s take a look at the advanced steps in shuffle dance;

The Charleston

  • Place your left foot a bit ahead of the right, with the toes pointing to the side.
  • Lift your right foot up, then rotate both feet so that your toes and knees are facing each other.
  • Place your right foot down ahead,  and rotate your feet, so that both toes are facing the sides.
  • Repeat step two.
  • Place the right foot down, this time behind the left then rotate both feet with the toes pointing outwards.
  • Lift your left feet, rotate both feet with the toes facing each other.
  • Place down the left feet behind the right, with both toes, turned out.
  • Repeat step six.
  • Move your left ahead of the right.
  • Begin the steps again.


  • To begin, place your feet together with your toes pointing to the side. Perfectly forming the letter T.
  • Lift your feet up to your hip level, spin your right feet so that your toes are putting inwards.
  • Bring your left foot down and immediately rotate your right feet so that your right toes are pointing out.
  • Alternate the moves from left to right.
  • This step requires proper balance to carry out.


Take the steps slowly and practice consistently. You can spray Talcum powder on the floor to make the movements easy and swift, or instead wear socks or shoes.