How to Roller Skate if you want to be a Roller Derby girl

Before you can be a professional in any sport or field, then you should be ready to engage in some serious practices. This also applies if you want to be a great Roller Derby girl. You first need to learn the basics of roller skating. In case you are wondering what Roller Derby is, it is a kind of sport that you would require protective gear before you can safely compete or even train. Another thing that you need for this is sport is your roller skates.

Below are the important things you need to know to be a Roller Derby girl: 

Guidelines for roller skating

Before you can be in the Roller Derby practice or competition, you will need the following:

  • Roller skates
  • Protective gears

Roller Skates

To be honest, it is an overwhelming task to choose the Roller Skates to use. There are different kinds of roller skates that are available in the market today. The recreational skates will not be appropriate since you need some for Roller Derby because they will get ripped apart. As a beginner, you would not also want to go for the high-class skates as well. Rather, the beginner skates and slight intermediate skates will be the best you to begin your roller derby.

Here are some brands of roller skates that are mainly for Roller Derby:

  • Riedell R3: When you are on the track, you will always see this brand of the skate. This skate is perfect for you if you want to learn roller derby. The wheels of this skate are basic, so you may need extra wheels that can slide more or are more sticky to the ground, depending on where you are training. 
  • Chaya Ruby: This skate is well-known for its comfortability, rigidity, and agility. As a beginner, this brand is also a nice pick for you.
  • Crazy Vxi: This skate has more comfortability and padding compared to other available options. You can lace it anyhow you want, whether smaller or wider.

There are still other nice options for beginners, such as Chaya Sapphire, RD Revolution, Bont Prostar, Jackson Vibe, Rookie Rawor, and more.

Protective Gears

Yeah, the next thing for you to get is your protective gear to stay safe. If you watch well, you will notice that the professionals also always wear their protective gear before they hit the track. Protective gears will help you to focus on the skating session with confidence. You will need elbow pads, wrist pads, skating socks, a helmet, and knee cushions.

It is easy for you to think that you do not need socks, but we are going to tell you the reason why you need them. When you have good skating socks, they will serve as a kind of cushion to your feet, preventing them from having contact with the strong materials in the skating boots. Additionally, socks will absorb the sweat on your foot, thereby reducing the stink.

With these, you can be ready to be a Roller Derby girl.