How to Paint Apples as an Art School Beginner

As a new student in an art school, knowing how to paint apples is one of the basic things to learn. Many people would often think of it as a hard task. In this post, you’ll find out how to paint apples. Let’s have a look.

How to Paint Apples

●      Start by layering the red color on the surface.

●      Select an orange and yellow color and place it on the same surface as the red. Mix both colors together. It’s always better to use yellow as your base color.

●      Find out your most preferred method and employ it when you want you to draw the shape of the apple you want on your drawing canvas.

●      Use your filbert brush to take some red paint and place it close to the photo you are referencing. Check suitable areas and get them painted first.

●      Clean off paint from your filbert brush if it’s too much. Proceed to get the yellow color painted on the left end. And coat with a darker color on the left.

●      Ensure to paint required color tone on the right areas for a subtle reminder that it’s an apple.

●      Pick a small brush and apply colors to the upper part of your apple just like the photo you’re referencing.

●      Apply a lighter color shade to put out a looking- in feel. Allow drying.

 To Create the Details

●      Use the filbert brush to create very soft lines on the apple. Pay attention to the contouring to highlight the lines of the apple.

●      Wipe off extra paint on your brush and create softer lines. Allow your painting to dry.

To Create a Reflection

●      Get a white and yellow color and mix them together

●      Smoothly apply your mixture to required areas.

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Now you know how to paint apples and why “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.”