How to Make a Ballet Bun

Ballet bun also known as Ballerina Bun, termed so due to the fact that it is always worn by ballet dancers and dancers of other Genres of music alike. It is an easy way to keep their hair packed up neatly away from coming close to their face or interfering with their dancing. Being able to make the Ballet bun when desired is easy, but requires practice to be able to perfect them. Let’s take a look at how to perfectly make a bun;

Before trying to make a Ballet bun, you must make sure that the hair is tangle-free. Try to free the hair from any tangles using a brush. You can sprinkle a little water for ease as you brush the hair backward.

After making sure that the hair is not tangled, Using a comb, comb the hair backward to form a ponytail exactly on the crown of your head. To make sure the ponytail is at the desired spot, take a look at the mirror, you should be able to see a part of the ponytail poking up.

Now hold the ponytail in place with an elastic band. Make sure that the ponytail is tight (not so tight) and strong, as it serves as the foundation of the bun (a secure ponytail makes a secure bun).

You can divide the ponytail into two parts, or leave it as one, whichever style you choose, Hold the ponytail at the ending part, try to twist it into a slight rope, not so tight to avoid breakage of hair.

Use your hand to hold the twisted ponytail and the other to hold the bun in place. Following the direction of the earlier twist, Try to wind the twisted hair around the base of the ponytail, keeping each turn very close to each other. Carefully hold everything down in place with bobby pins or U-shaped pins which are much stronger.

If you divided your ponytail into two halves before twisting, make sure that the second half does not go the same way the first goes when coiling it around the base of the ponytail (that is, if the first half is moving in a clockwise direction, the second should be moving anti-clockwise).

Cover the bun with a hairnet to avoid sudden loosing of the bun during rigorous activities. Preferably, use a net that matches your hair color.


During the entanglement or before, spraying the hair with water can make the hair much easier to handle during the twist and turns. Texturizers can also be used to make the strands strong, to avoid loosing. For girls with thick hair, splitting the ponytail into two parts before curling around the base of the ponytail is a perfect way to prevent your hair from forming a knob in the long run. Apply gel around the hairline so as to keep the loose hairs in place. You can also use it throughout the length of the hair, for hairs that did not make it to the bun.