How to Line Dance Country Steps

Are you ready to learn how to Line Dance using country steps? Well, come on, let’s go. I’ll be showing you Line Dancing Steps and Variations. 

These are techniques that are borrowed from several different dance traditions. These line dancing steps are various, and they’ve got syncopated rhythms. Luckily, there are lots of dances for people that are just beginning. Elementary and simple steps too. For advanced dancers, there are lots of variations that could get added. You could substitute a three-step turn into a grapevine. That’s going to look great. You would like to keep everything exciting and ensure that all Danvers can enjoy themselves on the dance floor while enjoying the same songs. 

List of Line Dance Country Steps 

Heel Dig

Very simple, all you need to do is to dig one heel and put it in the ground. This could get performed using an accent, and then you can bend your supporting leg there. There are variations and further accents which would all be out of step, and hop into stepping back on your foot. 

Double Heel Dig

If you want to dance with speed, you could make use of a double heel dig. These are necessary. Using your weight, you can, with energy, place your left feet and quickly dig your right leg to the ground about two times. These are slight to the side and then to the front. 


You can use this to travel to the left side or the right side. You do these steps like this:

The right foot would step to your right. Your left foot would cross and be at the back of the right foot. Then your right foot would step to your right. Your left foot should then close to the left side and then hit the right foot too. 

Variations of Vine or Grapevine. As you grow as a line dancer, you can vary this fourth step and then exchange foie feet with a heel dig. You can also scuff using your foot bottom and hit it against the floor as you bring your left foot up and in the air. 

My thoughts on Line Dance Country Steps

Well, I love people stepping out of their comfort zone. That’s quite nice. Because it would expand your mind and then you’ll learn this excellent ancient technique of dancing which has been available for the longest of time. My best variation of this dance technique would be the vine. I like the name, and I love how the moves work. I enjoy the part where you would use either of your feet. Let me explain this part in reverse to the part above. Using your left foot in front of your right, you then use your right foot and cross the back of the right once more. Then you make use of your right foot and then step it on your left. Your right foot would then get closed to the right, and it could hit the same foot again. A little bit confusing, but I trust you’ll get it.