How to Learn KPOP Dance

Are you ready to learn some K-Pop Dance at home today? If you are, then welcome. Today I’ll be teaching you some K Pop moves. Get your dancing shoes, let’s go. 

If you have not been dancing and you don’t know where to start, welcome. You’re just where you need to be. K Pop dance is friendly to beginners. You could do it at home without actually needing anyone to show you anything. 

What is KPOP dance? 

This is a form of cardio dance exercise which helps you to tone your entire body. It is a great way to boost your self-confidence as you replicate personas and concepts just the way your favorite idols do.

Watch these three tips which would help you learn and master K Pop dance. You’ll have fun. Trust me.

Tips on Learning how to make the KPOP Dance Moves 

You should select a simple KPOP Dance Choreography. 

There are different levels of tricky when you want to do the KPOP dance. Some are pretty simple. Some are quite different. If this is your first time, you should begin short choreography. 

How can I know which choreography is Easy, Medium, and Difficult? 

Three factors would help you know the difficulty of a choreography. These factors include the style of the song, the speed, and the repetition of dance moves. 

Repetition refers to the rate at which the dance moves are repeated repeatedly throughout the song. The speed talks about the song’s tempo and how many different steps there are when you do the “5, 6, 7, 8” dance thing. The style refers to the general dance concept. These concepts include how cute the dance is if it has got some swag or a sexy dance. 

You need to select a KPOP dancer to copy from. 

There are several KPOP songs that different people perform, and these different songs have different dance moves. There are a lot of them that are done with different members. You need to select a specific KPOP dancer, and then you copy everything they do on screen. 

You’ll notice that rappers dance with swag. Prominent dancers dance with choreography that’s a little bit trickier. There are members seen visually in the group with their minds on their facial expressions and presence on stage. 

You need to get yourself proper mirrored dance videos from online sources like YouTube. 

You could learn KPOP dance moves by using mirrored dance fancams, practices, and live performances. You should get a good mirrored video that would show complete entire bodies without any interruption all through the song. 

This way, you follow the dancer on screen and learn the dance moves as they go. You could download the video and then watch it whenever you desire. This way, you know that you could rewatch the videos and then learn it again whenever you forget any move. 

You would be a great KPOP dancer. Believe it.