How to Learn Ballet at Home for Free

Ballet is a beautiful art form, and a way to stay healthy and fit through dance. You can learn ballet at any age. So if you’re stuck in quarantine, here are some tips on how to learn ballet at home for free.

Materials Needed

·       Portable foam flooring or dance mats used for ballet

·       Ballet barre

·       Floor-length mirror

·       Unitard, tights, and ballet slippers

How to Learn Ballet at Home for Free: Instructions


First, warm-up and stretch out your muscles. This would help your body get ready for the moves of ballet. Do a wide leg stretch where you would sit on the floor and stretch your legs in a V shape. Then get up and lean to your legs. Try to hold as far as you can. Try to hold it for about 30 seconds.

First Position

Begin the ballet moves with the easiest moves first. Stand straight and put your legs together with both your heels touching. Now, turn your toes and make them point in a V shape. Then lift your arms in your front to get an oval shape. Make sure your fingers are not touching. Point the toes as far out as you can. You’ll become a lot more flexible with time and you’ll be able to turn your toes the entire way out.

Second Position

Then change it to the next position where you stand tall and you put your legs let them be wider than the shoulder-width apart. Your toes should be pointed out word away from your body. Your arms should be spread to your sides, keep them at shoulder height, and rounded. Only turn your toes in lengths you’re comfortable with.

Third Position

The third position can help you gather experience. Get up straight and cross your leg over your left with the help of the other foot in the front of the arch of the left foot. Curve the right arm toward your body as you keep your left arm on the other side. You could also cross the left leg to the right leg and then curve the left arm.

Fourth Position

You can add the fourth position only when you are flexible enough to do it. For it, you need to place one of your feet for about 30 centimeters in front of the other foot while your heels and toes are both pointed out. With a curved arm, you could lift the corresponding arm above your head with your arm curved.

Fifth Position

You can perform the fifth position at a point where you’re ready to advance in your techniques. Here you place a foot in front of the other with your toes pointed out. Make sure your feet are together and your front toe is in line with that of the back heel. Lift your arms gracefully to your head and keep them curved. This is a difficult position and you need to make sure you’re flexible enough to do it.

You could do leaps and jumps with your arms through the fifth position. The challenging part is the footwork.