How to Incorporate More Movement into Your Sedentary Lifestyle

Hello there. Do you have an office job which you need to sit at work all day long? Or do you have a stay-at-home job that keeps you sitting for long hours? If this is your lifestyle, it’s time to know that you should get on up and move around. That type of lifestyle is not healthy in any way. This is why you need to try to add a lot of movement to your lifestyle. Let us show you ways to do this which would fit into your current lifestyle. 

List of ways you could add in some movement into your Sedentary lifestyle 

You could get a standing desk 

Have you tried making use of standing desks? These standing desks could be a treadmill desk, bike desk, an ordinary desktop converter on top of your average desk. 

These are genuinely great options that add movement to your sedentary lifestyle. 

You could keep changing the positions of your standing desk. You could rest your leg on this desk. You could do yoga, stretch, squat, dance, or any movement, which is excellent for someone. 

You could do a lot of calves raises. 

These calf raises, including lifting your heels from the ground. These are one of the most straightforward exercises to do whenever and wherever you want. You could do this when you are either standing in an elevator, brushing your teeth, cooking, waiting in line, standing at your desk. The thing is, it isn’t like you cannot do lunges or squats wherever you want, but do the one who calls attention to you. These might require a little bit more space. They might be a little bit difficult to do as you work too, you know. 

You could try parking a little bit further than your entrance at any destination or work. 

This way, you would have no other choice than to walk to your office or the building. This would help you switch your lifestyle from the usual sedentary lifestyle to a healthier lifestyle. 

You could stand as you take your phone calls. 

You could quickly notice that you handle many other activities better when you are standing than sitting. So talking on the phone and standing as you do so would work wonders for you. 

Have you tried having meetings where you were walking the entire time? 

Some people have noticed that it is elementary to think clearly as they walk around instead of sitting down. It is quite possible if you make your meetings all occur outside the office. 

Have you tried exercising after work or before a lunch break?

Many different people who started making use of standing desks have incorporated a lot more movement into their workdays. These people have realized that they’ve more desire to exercise since they started standing fully. For several different people, standing gives them a better mood. It also helps in keeping their levels of metabolism high. 

Using these techniques, before you know it, that sedentary lifestyle would become a thing of the past.