How to Fuel Your Body for Peak Performance as a Dancer

Dancing is more like a sport, and dancers can be seen as highly skilled athletes as they engage in rigorous movements and activities during the course of dancing. As athletes what they eat is very important, they need to be sure pf the components of the food they eat and be sure that this food will in no way impair their performance on stage, in fact, the food they eat is expected to fuel their body to peak performance and also keep their muscles in good shape after the stressing them during dancing. Balancing all classes of food (carbohydrates, protein, fat, etc.) is key to reaching this peak performance and also maintain the body.

Here are the best ways to fuel your body for peak performance as a dancer

Eat correctly

Most dancers are always engaged in weight loss programs, while this is important to shed weight and increase speed and swiftness, it is also important to eat enough balanced diet to be able to carry the strains that come with dancing. Dieting as a dancer should be all about eating less, eating too little will not give you the perfect number of calories you need and this can diminish your body’s energy level. Simple Carbohydrates are important in the diet of dancers as they digest quickly and converted quickly to energy. High fatty foods should be on the low. Vegetables, nuts, and fish can also improve your energy levels and strengthen your muscles


Keeping your body hydrated is very important as a dancer is very important as you lose much of it whilst dancing, you don’t want to dry up or start feeling thirst during a competition. Consume enough water and beverages daily, electrolytes can also be used to keep your body hydrated. avoid using soda or carbonated drinks as a means of hydration as they affect the bone.

Consume vitamins

Considering the fact that most dancers don’t want to consume more food, as they think they accumulate more fat. Intake of vitamins can be the best way to go around this. Vitamins are a good source of minerals. Mineral Supplements are very convenient ways of obtaining minerals like calcium and iron which aids in strengthening the bones and muscles. Some of these minerals cannot be seen in a good quantity in food. Consuming mineral supplements should strictly follow the doctor’s prescription, as excess consumption has an adverse effect on your health.


Eating right is very important to keep your body in good shape for a tip-top performance. Always speak with your dance instructor or coach on what diets to follow, dieticians can also be of help in drafting meal plans, which should be followed strictly. Do not sleep immediately after eating, so as to allow metabolism to take its full course and make sure your food is properly digested. Before purchasing any supplement, make sure to discuss it with a physician and a prescription should be handed out. Excess intake of these supplements has an adverse effect on your metabolism and your performance.