How to Floss Dance

Well, hello there. I know, I know. This isn’t a mistake. The correct title is actually How to Floss dance. I thought about it too before I started writing this piece. So, today I’ll be talking about the Floss Dance and ways you could do it. Are you ready? Let’s begin. 

All you need to know about the Floss Dance 

The Floss has become inextricably linked to the Backpack Kid. Presently, it has remained a considerable part of the celebrity personality. 

Horning had posted through his Instagram account stating how he left all the other stuff to management and adults. 

The level of complaints echoed and stressed those from the suit. This affected the actor, who is popularly known as Alfonso Ribeiro. He stated that Epic Games (these are the people who developed and created Fortnite) got many recorded profits from several downloaded game content. Then here they failed when they tried to compensate or get the necessary permission from Mr. Ribeiro when they tried to use his likeness and epic intellectual property. 

These epic games spokesman spoke to variety’s company which didn’t comment or speak on what happened during the litigation. 

What happened in Fortnite, and how is it related to Floss Dance? 

From the game Fortnite, various players could get different customized items. These items include the Floss Dance. When one plays regularly, they could spend more funds to purchase these things as they demand.

Research from SuperData has shown that Fortnite made about three hundred and eighteen million dollars from selling these cosmetic items in May alone. 

The Floss as it Looked from YouTube

A lot of YouTubers ended up loving the floss dance till it became viral. It was one of the most popular dances from the game. 

Horning kept dancing his IG account since the year 2016. 

It wasn’t until Katy Perry invited Horning to the stage that he danced, and it went viral all across social media. 

Six months later, the Floss Dance got added to the Fortnite game. 

Horning later got involved with a lot of other epic games. He played in Fortnite PRO am event in June and later reportedly spoke to TMZ at the period when being in the game wasn’t that big deal that everyone saw it as. 

How is the Floss Dance done?

To do the floss dance, you need to stand still, but both of your arms in front of one another, and then shake it side to side so this way, when you shake the first hand, the other one follows too. Then when you’re done, you also take both arms backward and then shake it the same way.

It all depends on you, though. You could shake both hands using any pattern you desire. It wouldn’t stress anyone or anybody at all. That’s the nice thing about the floss dance. It is straightforward, easy, and can be done by practically anyone.