How to Do the B-52s’ Love Shack Dance

Everyone loves the B-52s’ “Love Shack” mp3 and the great video which was created from the popular dance song that the world has been listening to for decades now. If you want to learn how to do the Love Shack dance, then follow our steps below!

Love Shack Dance Steps

Step 1

One the Love Shack dance starts, you start by shaking your entire body to the left and the right.

Step 2

Then put your hands up and flow with the beats before the artist says “Love Shack!”

Step 3

While the chorus of the song is playing, while shaking your chest, hips, and legs along with the Love Shack dance song, pushing your left arm forward while keeping your right arm down. Now push your right arm forward while keeping your left arm down. You continue doing this step 8 times, exchanging your left hand with your right hand. Bring your left hand forward four times and your right hand forward four times.

Step 4

Now it is time to move up your feet.

Push out your left foot forward while shaking your entire body and leaving the right foot backward. Bring both feet together, do a wiggle, and then push the left foot backward while bringing the right foot forward.

Do this step 16 times. Bring your left foot forward 7 times and your right foot 7 times too.

Step 5

After this step, you repeat step 3 about six times.

Step 6

Raise your left hand and leave your right hand down sharply, bringing your left hand back down and raising your right hand. You do this for both hands once, and then you leave the left hand on the air and bring the right hand down. Then you do the wiggle and go over step 6 again, where this time you leave the right hand in the air and bring down the left hand.

Step 7

Repeat step 3 about seven times.

Step 8

From here, do step 4 but in between bringing your feet together, you do a wiggle of your two feet side-to-side while shaking your entire body. Then you go back with the left foot or the right foot. Depending on which foot you started wiggling with is which foot you will end with.

Step 9

While moving with your feet back and forth, when your right foot is behind, you use your right hand and make a side peace sign to cross your face. Then you come forward with your left foot and make a side peace sign with your left hand that crosses your face 7 times. Do the left peace sign 4 times, and the right peace sign 3 times.

Step 10

Repeat the steps above and interchange them, which will complete the Love Shack dance. Make sure you have fun with it.

You could even turn around and around when the song screams “Turn around.”

Still curious about the band? Read the oral history of The B-52s by Rolling Stone magazine.