How to Dance Bachata

Hello there. Today you’ll be learning how to Dance your favorite dance moves. That’s right. We were going to be talking about the bachata. Oh yes. Let’s go. 

Ways you can Dance the Bachata. 

The first step of the bachata 

The first step consists of about three steps which are all danced the first 3 times. You then add a sole foot touch at the 4th time. 

When your foot sole touches the ground after repeating the steps from the beginning, you move your hips upwards. Moving your hips upward is a movement that’s marked more in women than men because come on, they’ve got more hips than any man could imagine.

A basic bachata step needs to be carried out using the good style from the first part of the learning process. A recommendation that is typically made is to master and follow the music. It would be best if you bent your knees a little bit, too, though. This way, your hip movement would arise naturally. 

Time to turn to bachata 

It’s turn time. This is an important movement. You get to turn and twist. One of the most basic out of all is where the man raises his arm. Then the woman could completely turn and follow the rhythm of the music. Here, both of them return to the normal dance moves without getting the dance rhythm. 

Are you ready to Screw? 

Screw is a necessary bachata step where the woman passes the boy’s front. The position gets changed a little bit, and it becomes more complex. But it’s not a difficult move. 

As you both coil, the man positions and advances himself at the back of the woman. All through this process, she would raise her left hand then the lady would get placed in the position meant for screwing.

All through the program of the course, the man that passed behind the woman would remain in the same place. This is the way you get into the coiled position. This position is gotten with the man being at the back of the woman.

The bachata waves 

These bachata waves are one of the most functional movements known as sensual bachata. This is a dance that, as the name suggests, plays with movements and their sensuality. 

The wave has a simple executive step. First, you might need to step your body forward a little bit. Next, you should lean back slightly, climb up, and then bring your tilt from your head down like it would be a wave that slides all through the body. 

It would be best if you kept repeating these movements. These are the things that make everything look like a beautiful wave. 

My thoughts on The Bachata

I like the bachata moves because they are specific to both the man and the woman. Some moves are executed better by the lady and some by the men. It is a great dance, especially when you want to cuddle in bed after.