How to Breakdance

Break dancing is not an easy dance step to just learning, no one is born perfect in break dancing. It takes a lot of determination, control, and steady practice to be able to perfect breakdancing. Knowing the moves you want to learn is the first step to being a breakdance star.

How long does it take to fully master breakdance?

Breakdance does not have a stipulated time at which u need to practice before you become a Pro. You can be a pro in less than 6 months or more than a year, it all depends on your determination and how persistent you are to learn. Nevertheless, you don’t need to rush the process, take every step one by one, and spend time to master them correctly before you move to other ones. It is also advisable to Join groups and practices with them.

Here are some of the top moves in Breakdancing and how to do them

Starting from the basics

Three steps

This is one of the basic and simple steps in breakdancing. It comprises of just 3 simple steps

Move into a crab walk position (knees bent and looking up), using your left leg as a support, stretch your left leg, lift yourself in a crunch pushup and return your right leg into position.

Switch to the left leg while using your right leg for support, then do the same move

Continue the step whilst switching from one leg to the other.


This is a top-notch move, the type you use to win a small street contest.

Stand with your two legs apart

Move your right feet to the left side and point your toe to the floor

Return the leg

Do the same for the other feet, and bounce to the beat while doing that.


Things are getting heated up here. This move requires strength and your ability to lift your weight above the ground.

Get on your fours (your hands and your knees)

Bend your right arm, gently pressing it against your hips.

Move your left hand ahead of you and place it firmly on the floor.

Gently take your legs off the ground, move your weight towards your hands

Then hold the position for some seconds, you have performed the freeze!

For more style, you can gently remove one of your hands, supporting yourself with only one

One hand 99

  • This is like adding further style to the freeze.
  • When you must have performed the freeze,
  • gently remove one of your hand and rest on one only.
  • now starts wrapping your legs around each other and spin.
  • Try to maintain balance to avoid falling.


Learning breakdancing requires steady focus and determination with a sound mind to perfect. Take each step one by one, starting from easy ones. Also exercise regularly to build fitness, so as to be able to lift your weight for some moves. Practice regularly, you can only master your flow and be top-notch if you try the moves steady