It’s the most festive season and the most anticipated holiday period of the year; Christmas. As a family or an individual, you’re looking forward to the merriment and gift-giving, not to mention the discounts on sales from your favorite brands. Another thing you most likely look forward to is the annual ballet performance of ‘The Nutcracker’ at whatever theatre is closest to you.

Tchaikovsky’s ballet of ‘The Nutcracker’ has become nothing short of a staple for the festive season. Since its premiere in 1892, it has had several adaptations, with many ballet companies presenting their own take on the classic tale. With each new take comes a fresh, unique, and inspiring re-tell that has made ‘The Nutcracker’ a global favorite up until this day.

With how popular ‘The Nutcracker’ has become in the performing arts world, it’s interesting to note that when it made its debut over a century ago, it was not well received by critics. In fact, with the amount of backlash it received, Tchaikovsky, the composer, really did not see a future for the tale in the performing arts. Critics were not impressed with the “shabby” performance and even considered it “an insult” to ballet as an art. Critics even took a jab at the story or lack thereof and referred to the entirety of the performance as a “failed experiment.”

So, how on earth did Tchaikovsky’s ‘The Nutcracker’ become such a rave in spite of all the lousy critique? Well, while the performance in itself was below par, the critics could not overlook how beautiful Tchaikovsky’s composition was. The music in itself got a lot of positive feedback that was just enough to save the performance and give ‘The Nutcracker’ another chance at redemption.

Despite its rough start, The Nutcracker’ has become a classic holiday performance due to its captivating dance that tells a beautiful story of love, filled with magic and just the right touch of humor. Over the years, the tale of ‘The Nutcracker’ has been referred to as a “feel-good story” that is “for everyone”  regardless of age. It is a performance that is easy to understand and has a certain appeal that keeps one captivated for its complete two-hour length. Many young people today get their first taste of the ballet experience by watching ‘The Nutcracker’, and they, like many others, fall in love with the performance to the point that they desire to be a part of it.


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