How the Arts have Fared during the Global Pandemic, Plus an Outlook for the Future


Practically everywhere, worldwide, theatres are dark, we’ve got silent art galleries and silent halls. As all the entertainment and arts venues have closed their doors as a result of the pandemic from COVID-19, the layoffs are becoming too much.

Almost 5,000 performers and crew have been laid off from Cirque du Soleil, even staffers from the Montreal head office too. The Banff Centre for the Arts & Creativity has given about 400 workers notice, while the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra has sent its entire band home, which consisted of 30 administrative staffers and 67 musicians.

Arts Festivals and Events

In addition, the Junos were canceled. There wouldn’t be any screen awards for Canada. The International Children’s Festival for Vancouver was also canceled, while Bard on the Beach tries to hang in the hands of this pandemic. In Toronto, the June Arts Festival, which was created to help the city manage from the outbreak of SARS in 2003 wouldn’t be held in 2020. There wouldn’t be Shakespeare at the High Park. The Alliance for Toronto for the Performing Arts suggests that this sector will lose massive amounts of revenue from tickets in the next three months. 


Movie and TV sets have been kept at a corner because of Canada’s $9 billion production industry officially being halted. The new Canadian medical drama halted shooting the series in Mississauga Ontario too. It donated 400 surgical gowns and 600 masks and a pair of gloves to hospitals available locally.

And More

The rooms available in St John’s have been told to get rid of all stray sugar bits from their desks. These keepers of Newfoundland collections were worries that moths, mice, and silverfish would have too much fun in the building.

Macro economically down to the microscopic level, this pandemic has chewed its way into the arts. And now it is trapped inside our houses. We normally turn to the arts, to recorded music, to novels, to movies and TV shows. This is how we try to escape and how we try to seek meaning into the nightmare we call today. One of the most-watched movies on Netflix recently has been Contagion, an apocalyptic drama about a global pandemic.

This is why most of our artists are not getting the usual amount of gigs. They are not used to being inactive. These days there’s a daily notification of virtual concerts and conversations. They are also displays of art which makes use of everything from normal telephones to software that is sophisticated. They all can patch together performances remotely by instruments and individual wonderful voices. We’ve got dancers that come from the National Ballet of Canada, and they are streaming lectures from their living rooms. 

With this pandemic, people are still striving hard to enjoy art and enjoy what they love. We hope this will soon be a thing of the past. Be sure to keep yourself and your family healthy with a well-balanced diet and nutritional supplements like Immune Support by Nutri-Dyn.