How Can a Four-Year-Old Learn Piano?

They say that the best time to start is “early.” The best athletes, musicians, artists, and business people began at a very young age. However, training a child can be as stressful as stressful can get. It’s not easy to make them understand the technicality of things, especially complicated things like music.

Well, they say, “music is food for the soul,” and who is to say that a four-year-old shouldn’t be able to learn how to feed our souls? That is why we’re going to see how a four-year-old can learn piano effectively in this article. Just follow me through, and you just might be getting your kid ready to be the next Mozart.

1. Make it fun

The best way to make any child learn anything at all—no matter how important it is—is to make it as fun as possible. Incorporate some games on the piano and easy challenges in the learning process. That will make them want to learn more.

2. Build their finger skills

As a piano trainer, your first duty—even for adults—is to make sure that your students can master the piano fingerings. Help them learn how to do it effectively. Teach them finger movement and placement. Teach them how to separate one finger from the other smoothly. Tell them stories and play games with them as they do this.

3. Teach them rhythmic patterns

Rhythms make up the sweetest parts of learning music. Help them see what beauty they can create with the black and white keys. Teach them rhythmic arrangements in its simplest form. Carry them along with easy rhymes and songs.

4. Identify all the notes

There are 12 notes that they’ll have to master. It’s always better to skip the black keys until later. Start with the ones that are within their reach. When their knowledge of the notes and rhythms have improved, then you can start them up on the more exciting parts of the keyboard, which is the combination of all the keys and notes.

5. Play songs

Once they have become familiar with all the notes and they can comfortably play them, it’s time to make them play some easy songs. Remember, you have to keep it fun and straightforward. You don’t want to scare them off with some Mozart-level piano arrangements. Just simple nursery rhymes will do.

6. Introduce them to sight-reading

You are definitely going to take a lot of time to get to this point, but if you have taken them through all the above steps successfully, they’ll love to know what’s next. Teach them sight-reading at its most basic form.

7. Compose

It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece. Just a few notes arranged to form a pleasing sound. You can first go at it without writing it down. Later, you can begin to make them put everything to compose into writing and save it for whenever they need it again.

Kids learn faster than you can imagine. All you have to do is follow some steps and instructions and make it as fun and as simple as possible.

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