How Audiences Reacted to the New West Side Story Movie

Some moviegoers were thrilled with the new West Side Story movie, while others felt it was a pale imitation of the original.

The new West Side Story movie and its star-studded cast were highly anticipated by fans of the original film and musical. The new West Side Story movie features an all-star cast, including Ansel Elgort as Tony, Rachel Zegler as Maria, and Rita Moreno reprising her iconic role as Anita.

The film has been directed by Steven Spielberg and written by Tony Kushner, with music by Oscar-winning composer Justin Hurwitz.

Many fans were thrilled to see Rita Moreno back in the role of Anita. They felt she brought a much-needed sense of authenticity to the film. Moreno herself has said that she was “honored” to be able to return to the role.

Ansel Elgort’s performance as Tony was also praised by many fans. They felt he brought a sense of innocence and vulnerability to the character.

However, some fans thought that Rachel Zegler’s Maria was too similar to Natalie Wood’s original performance. They felt she lacked the fire and passion of Wood’s Maria.

How audiences reacted to the movie’s release

Overall, the new West Side Story movie divided audiences. Some loved it, while others thought it was a pale imitation of the original film. Only time will tell if the new movie will stand the test of time like the original has.

However, reaction to the movie has been mixed, with some viewers loving it and others feeling disappointed.

Many die hard fans of the original 1961 film adaptation of West Side Story were disappointed with the new version. They felt that it didn’t live up to the high standards set by the original, and that some of the key elements that made the first movie so great were missing.

Others, however, thought that the new movie was a faithful adaptation of the source material, and that it captured the essence of what made West Side Story so special. They also praised the new cast for their performances, and thought that the updated setting added a fresh perspective to the classic story.

On the whole, reviewers seemed to think that the new West Side Story was a beautiful but flawed film. Many praised the cinematography, acting, and singing, but felt that the updated story fell short in comparison to the original. Some said that the film tried too hard to be politically correct and lost sight of what made the story special in the first place.

Others loved the new take on West Side Story, feeling that it was more relevant than ever in today’s climate. They appreciated the strong performances from the cast and thought that the updated storyline added a fresh perspective.

The movie’s critical reception

The new West Side Story movie has been met with mixed reviews from critics. Some have praised the film for its visuals and performances, while others have criticized it for being too similar to the original.

The film currently holds a 73% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, with an average score of 6.8/10. The site’s critical consensus reads, “West Side Story’s stage roots are sometimes visible in this handsome but less groundbreaking remake, but its powerful story and terrific songs remain as resonant as ever.”

On Metacritic, the film has a score of 62 out of 100, based on 41 critics, indicating “generally favorable reviews”.

Many critics have praised the film’s visuals and performances, but felt that it was too similar to the original.

The New York Times’ A. O. Scott wrote that “Mr. Spielberg has made a gorgeous, emotionally stirring movie, one that captures both the magic and the sadness of what came before.”

The Hollywood Reporter’s Todd McCarthy said that the film was “visually sumptuous” and praised the acting, but found the story to be “derivative”.

However, not all reviews have been positive. Variety’s Owen Gleiberman wrote that the film was “a hollow copy” of the original and criticized its “self-seriousness”.

Time Out’s Tom Huddleston gave the film two out of five stars, writing that it was “a failed attempt to update a classic”.

The Guardian’s Peter Bradshaw gave the film three out of five stars, writing that it was “an honourable and well-intentioned misfire”.

Overall, the new West Side Story movie has divided audiences. Some love it, while others feel that it falls short of the original. Only time will tell if the new movie will stand the test of time like the original has.