Herbs That May Help Spark Creativity

In the world today, how we choose to live our life matters at all times and that includes what we take into our belly. Food choices can make or break the growth or productivity process of an individual and that is why everyone has to be careful of what is being consumed inside the body system.

A lot are unaware that there are certain herbs that have a great way of helping us boost our chances of creativity and improve our brain functions. Well, you are going to be finding out the different medicinal herbs that hold huge importance to our brain. Let’s look at them.

Benefits of Green Tea Leaves

Green tea leaves are extremely good for you. They protect heart and brain health and contain antioxidants to help protect against UV damage to cells.

Apart from helping in the reduction of body fats and maintenance of body shape, the green tea leaves in products like Klaire Labs Green Tea Extract also help the brain to boost how human beings creatively think. This extract contains a high amount of catechins and polyphenols. These two ingredients are actively responsible for aiding the brain to improve in its intellectual functions.

Thorne Research’s Green Tea Phytosome is a green tea extract that greatly contributes to the overall health of human beings. It’s also a herb that serves as a great source of addition to the power of the brain. Being a green tea extract, it is also helpful when it comes to the improvement of human memory.

Other Herbs that Help to Spark Creativity

1. Lavender

Lavender is a herb whose benefits have been limited to beauty and relaxation. Lavender contains an active ingredient called melatonin, which helps to relieve the human body of stress and provides it with mental relaxation and safety.  This herb can be transformed into oils. Oils that are used for head massages. Implementation and consumption of lavender herb help can increase thinking and mental alertness.

2. Rosemary

This herb can be consumed by simply adding it to your dishes. Of course it makes meals tasty but there’s more! While savouring the taste that comes with dishes made with rosemary herbs, also bear in mind that the brain is being stimulated in the process thereby letting the blood flow freely and increase concentration.

3. Sage

Sage has been acknowledged as a herb that is used for ritual and protection purposes by the Native Americans and many religions around the world. It’s a hugely recommended herb that helps to boost the brain’s creativity, as well as how we positively react to our academics. To get enough of this, an individual might decide to consume this herb by simply smoking it, that way, the benefits are directly inhaled and chances of its effectiveness increase, alongside.

Going through this list avails you the opportunity to know the different herbs you should increase your intake of. Each of these herbs holds a benefit. Draw your scale, weigh your options, and conclude on that which you can comfortably take in. Cheers to feeling good and exploring your creativity!