Golden Globes Now Allows Foreign Films to Compete for Best Picture

Movies have been a major way in which we humans use in spreading and sharing our different cultures. So it was sad to see that the golden globes previously rejected movies considered foreign or to be more specific movies where about 50 percent of the dialogue is in another language. This has caused many great movies to go under the raider because they were in a different langue.

After the controversy over the ineligibility of Minari, a Korean-language American film at the Golden Globes the Hollywood Foreign Press Association made a statement. The association said it will allow foreign-language movies and films to compete for the prize of the best picture moving forward. The HFPA also announced that in an effort to recognize the marvelous diversity in our world that they would allow non-English movies and films to compete for the position of best musical or comedy, drama, and motion picture.

The HFPA also added that they would be allowing animated to be now eligible for both categories. The HFPA has stated that they will continue to re-examine their guidelines and while making changes and adopting new methods to ensure movies were getting the recognition they deserved.

What does this mean for movies in the future?

More recognition for movies in a foreign language means that we will have a long list of diverse movies and films going forward. What are some films that were missed in the past due to ineligibility caused by language barriers?

. Joon Ho’s Parasite

Ki-Taek works as a driver, he works hard for the survival of his family. Kim Ki-Taeks’s luck changes one day after his son Ki-woo was given a job by an affluent family as an English teacher for their youngest daughter named Da-Hye. The story follows Ki-woo who creates a plan to get all his employers former employees fired and replace them with members of his family. Ki-Woo’s plan works for a while, but not for long as trouble strikes soon after.


Transit is a story filled with thrills and suspense. This is a story that follows an impersonator trying to impersonate a deceased man named George who was a german political refugee. The impersonator finds himself entangled with the wife of the dead George and the mistress of his son’s doctor. His options are to either his wife and children or fleeing with his mistress.

The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind

This movie was released in 2019 and was directed by Chiwetel Ejiofor. The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind was selected as a British entry but It was not nominated because it was not deemed eligible. The story follows a young Malawian boy named Trywell Kamkwamba, who spends his time in the junkyard collecting pieces of scrap to fix radios for his neighbors and friends. Trywell Kamkwamba goes on to get into the good grace of his science teacher because of his curious nature. As the story ends he builds a windmill that saves his community from a drought in the mid-2000s