Fun Dances Kids Can Learn Easily

Dance is a highly aerobic activity with a lot of health benefits, hence the need to introduce your kids to this lifestyle at an early stage. Aside from its health benefits, it is a fun way to keep the children occupied and burn some energy. There is a range of simple dance steps that are appropriate for kids that you can groove along to with them, with a great song jamming in the background. This article has selected a few fun, yet easy dances that those little feet can tap to while we wait for the world to kick off fully again.


This is a simple dance that requires no memorization or strict coordination but is packed with a whole lot of fun. All that is required is a clear space as there will be a lot of movements and clapping and a nice song of your choice in the background. This dance was created by Mr. C the Slide man and has been a kids’ favorite ever since.


An all-time hit since its release in 2015, the song “Watch Me” features a lot of moves that kids can easily execute while having fun. The whip and the nae nae which were the highlights of the song’s choreography won kids over, and your kids are probably part of that demographic. You will have a good time as you watch them doing the whip or nae nae with professional dexterity.


The chicken dance is a simple dance that kids of all ages can execute effortlessly, just turn up the volume on your stereo and watch your little ones shake their tail feathers and flip their wings.


The hokey pokey is a well-known classic that has been around for decades and can be executed by even toddlers. It is easy and catchy and will have you and your little dancers moving their bodies and having so much fun indoors or wherever you choose.


The Gangnam style is not kid centered music, so you may want to turn off the visuals and concentrate on the audio. This means you would have to learn this dance in advance. It requires a lot of waist jiggling, hand and shoulder movements, and leg raising. You would have to clear the living room for this one to avoid breaking something, because the kids are going to find this fun and so energetic. Since its 2015 release, Psy’s “Gangnam Style” is a jam!


The spooky dance as seen in Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” can be executed with a little effort and may elicit some laughs as your inner goofy side shines through as you claw and spooky walk your way through the invigorating routine. Some of these steps were incorporated in the dance montage by Disney’s Vampirina and have kids burning their energy and memorizing their steps almost effortlessly.

·       ZUMBA

The Zumba is a popular dance of Colombian origin that is highly aerobic, though a little technical there are simple steps tailored for kids that your little ones can execute. It’s salsa and merengue accompaniment is highly powered and can get the kids in the mood even if the steps are not being executed properly, all that matters is that they are having fun and channeling that energy to something less destructive yet productive.

Why not “move it, move it!” with the kids and burn that energy, get a kick out of the highly aerobic activity today.