Easy Dance Moves for Kids to Get More Active

Dance is so sweet, so fun, so nice, so enjoyable. At times I’ve seen dancers and celebs dance their hearts out and I’ve gotten to learn some of their moves. These moves aren’t all magic and at the moment. These dancers most of them have settled to master and learn how to use these dancing techniques. Today we’ll be learning some very simple dance moves which can get your kids more active and happier. Stay with me… 

Easy Dance Moves for Kids to Get More Active

The Two-Step

This is a very easy dance step that your kids could learn and it would help them become very active with haste. This is so simple. All you need to do is to step from one side to the other and follow the beat. That easy, that simple. This would let all the members of the family fully enjoy the tracks as they play. 

The Dougie

This is a real dance move. Don’t let anyone fool you. This is just like the Two-Step. For this dance move, your kids would be shifting their weight from one side to the other. But this time, they get to add some movements on their shoulders and increase the attitude a little bit. You can try this dance move using some of your favorite songs. It works with any type of beats you prefer.

Body Rolls

If you want a dance move that speaks attitude, then this is the dance move for you. You get to perform these body rolls perfectly especially when you want to serve everyone some sass. If you know what I’m saying!. As you learn this move, you must break it into little moves and isolate each section of your body to create a wave motion that’s rolling.

The Woah

You don’t need to be actively involved in a group of dancers or a dance team. You could have seen people hitting the Woah on social media platforms like TikTok or YouTube and stuff. 

You could desire your viral video or you might just want your kids to be excited, this is a simple dance move that would take you out of the club. This one is very easy and you’ll miss out if you don’t learn this. 

The looking arm motion is quite sharp and very pronounced. Because the Woah helps you dance to all the bass beats in your best songs. 

The Grapevine

This is a simple move that Soul Train has made popular. It lets you enjoy dancing all across the room.

This is used in different dances like line dances as a party move. In serious places like Bachata and Salsa, it is the versatility of this which makes it so great to learn. As you perform these moves, you can finger snap, hand clap, or jump.

Have as much fun as you desire and become as active as you can.