Best Websites to Help You with Learning to Dance Online

A lot of folks do not like to admit that they are terrible dancers. Most of the people who admit that they are, usually do not know what to do about it – either because they are shy or do not have the time to take dance classes. Well, if you fall into this category, today is your lucky day ,because you do not have to take those classes or risk being mocked by your friends who’re great dancers before you build up your dancing skills.

To help you achieve this, we have drawn up a shortlist of helpful websites that could help you bust the dancefloor with some classy moves in a short time. Here they are.

4 Websites to Help with Learning to Dance Online

1. is an easy website to surf. It gives unlimited access to its users without requesting registration first. The tutorial videos cut across various dance styles, and you can be sure to find whatever it is you’re looking for. Dancing tutorials on hip hop, ballet, samba, ballroom, tango, and more are available. For premium users, the videos are categorized under the different dance moves. One amazing feature you can find on this website is a text lesson for each type of dance. Also, new videos are uploaded from time to time, and you do not need to pay for any subscription plan to get access.


This website specializes in teaching only tango moves. The tutorial videos are sectioned in different categories. They have videos for correcting common mistakes, videos for new learners, and also for different stances. There are at least 200 tutorial videos on this site. The lessons are descriptive and self-explanatory.


This is the home of salsa. If you’re looking to master salsa moves, this is your most preferred choice anytime, any day. There are several videos for different genres of salsa. The videos can be filtered in accordance with the user’s level (i.e., advanced, intermediate, or beginner). There is a special feature on this site, which provides lessons for stage performances.


Your guess is right. This site only posts lessons for belly dancing moves. There are a lot of videos categorized into different levels. The striking feature on this site is that they also teach you belly dancing terms and their meanings. The site is a full package for anyone who wants to master the art of belly dancing.