Best Picture Oscar 2020: The Movie ‘Parasite’ Explained

About the Film ‘Parasite’

The movie “Parasite” is popularly known as a brutal and wicked satire about disparity and wealth. The setup of the movie is about a poor family known as the Kims and how they penetrate the lives of the rich family. The rich family are known as Parks.

The Kims become the new workers of the Parks. (Woo-sik Choi) Kim Ki-woo is a proper tutor for the daughter of the (Jung Ziso) Parks Da-hye, and he uses this opportunity to usher his sister into the home of the rich. His sister acts as an art tutor for the young son of the Parks Da-song (Hyun-jun Jung).

The Kim’s children plan and make the driver of the Parks out to be a creep. This allows them to bring in their father, which becomes the new driver. In the end, the Kims get rid of the housekeeper by making her seem ill, because she is allergic to peaches. This allows the Kims’ mother to come and take the job of the housekeeper. The Parks have no idea they are all related, and everything is going fine until they realize Moon-gwang has been keeping her spouse in the basement of the Parks’ house.

No movie would have beaten “Parasite” at the Oscars this year for Best Picture. This is because “Parasite” is original, smart, funny, accessible, unpredictable, and quite scary. The movie “Parasite” told everyone who they were in every society of the world.

It presented the truly international zeitgeist hit. Though there was a great hype about the movie when the Academy members watched the film. It didn’t leave theaters after it was launched for a long while, and no one was disappointed.

“Parasite” is a Korean movie that was the first option to win an Oscar. When the film’s director, Bong Joon Ho, won the award for original screenplay, and Bong was later thanked for being a champion. “Parasite” is the first movie in which the characters do not speak English that won an Oscar. It is also the first Korean movie in a foreign language to win an Oscar over the past 92 years. It is certainly one of the best foreign films of this decade!