Best Performing Arts Colleges

Looks like you want to go to a great art school. I love your vision. Well, welcome to this piece. We would talk about some of the best Performing Arts Colleges available. Let’s go

At Tier one schools, you can perform great plays that the next person that would hire you for an upcoming movie might be there present. 

List of Best Performing Arts College 

Starting from Arts Colleges that are Tier 1. Showing the best available arts colleges in the country. 

Drama And Dance Julliard School 

This is always the top when it comes to dance and drama. It has a long list of old students that have won more than a hundred and five Grammies, sixty-two tony awards forty-seven Emmy awards, twenty-six Bessie Awards, twenty-four academy awards, sixteen Pulitzer Prizes, and twelve national arts medals. This is a very serious pedigree you know. This school is exclusive. It selects only about 8 to ten students for the BFA Program for Acting. Then 8 to ten students for the MFA Program for acting and about twenty-four students for the BFA Program for Dance.

Apart from the classroom, the dance program here holds about fifteen public performances yearly. The drama programs have a lot of plays and showcases for seniors in Los Angeles and New York for professionals in industries like agents and casting directors and managers. If you want to get a program that could help you get a fast-tracking career. Julliard is one of the best choices you could use. 

Dance and Drama from NYU Tisch School of Arts 

This is Juilliard, but NYU is at the top too for both dance and drama. It is there because it has a very long list of old students that were epic. Most of them have performed at Broadway, at Music Radio City Hall, and in different movies shown on television. Some of the people that have attended this performance school include Kristen Bell, Spike Lee, James Franco, Elizabeth Olsen, and Lady Gaga. Now we know the school Anna from Frozen attended and why she has such a great voice. 

Drama School at Carnegie University Mellon 

This is known to have a very long history of giving a great education about things related to drama. This became the first institution that started giving free institutions in the United States. Carnegie Mellon is a powerhouse for drama. It has a serious faculty of theater professionals and well known old students. These students include Zachary Quinto, Ted Danson, Judith Light, Billy Porter, and Holly Hunter. The school helps to give musical and acting theatre degrees. It gives students options to specialize in more than a particular type of performance. 

This department usually gives a unique hands-on education. Students enjoy education and lots of opportunities on stage so when it is time for them to reach the big stage and start acting, they wouldn’t have any problem acting properly.