Best Foreign Films

Someone once said the world is a giant circle where everyone living on its surface is connected in a grid-like system, and we share our culture and ideals through cinematography and films. While this philosophy seems like an oversimplification of the truth, in reality, movies have taught us more about foreign cultures than any other media ever could. Apparently, there is no such thing as foreign films. Because what you call a foreign language is native to someone else. But that is beside the point.

The world’s film industry is evolving, and more foreign movies are making it to the topmost spot of our movie list. Believe it or not, some of the best movies produced this year originated from different facets of the globe. With French love stories and Korean comedies being some of the most anticipated movies in the world, language is no longer a barrier in cinema and movie watching. If you are looking for the best foreign films, here are five must-see visual stories.

4 Best Foreign Films 2018-2019

1. Parasite (2019)

In the South Korean dark comedy thriller “Parasite,” Kim Ki-taek (Song Kang-ho), an out-of-work driver strives for survival with his wife and kids. However, their luck changes when his son, Ki-woo (Choi Woo-Shik), is employed by the affluent Park’s family as an English teacher for their youngest daughter, Da-Hye (Jung Ji-so). Seeing a window of opportunity to get all his family members employed, Ki-woo devises a plan to get all the Park’s family employees fired while replacing them with the members of his family. The plan seems to be working fine, until trouble strikes. 

2. Transit (2018)

“Transit” is about an impersonator trying to feign the life of a deceased write, to escape the dangers of a fascist state. Stuck with the identity papers and manuscripts of a dead man, Georg (Franz Rogowski), a German political refugee, finds himself entwined with the mistress of his son’s doctor and the wife of the man whom he is currently impersonating. He has to choose between fleeing with his mistress or resigning to his wife and child.

3. Rafiki (2018)

“Rafiki” is a Kenyan film that has gained the world’s consumer appeal, grossing millions of dollars worldwide. No doubt, it is one of the best foreign films of 2018. The movie follows the story of two young women, Ziki and Kena, and their romantic adventure. It depicts the struggle and bravery of young people amidst political and family pressures around lesbian, gay, and bisexual rights in Kenya.

4. The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind (2019)

“The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind” is one of our favorite movies of 2019, and it stars the likes of Chiwetel Ejiofor (Trywell Kamkwamba), Noma Dumezweni (Edith Sikelo), and Joseph Marcell (Chief Wimbe). The movie follows the story of a young Malawian boy who spends his free time collecting scrap parts from junkyards to fix radios for his friends and neighbors. His inquisitive nature and his yearning for knowledge get him in the good graces of his science teacher. At the end of the day, he uses his inventiveness to create a windmill that saved his community from the mid-2000s drought.

There are countless other foreign language movies out there. Time will not permit us to list all of them. But the aforementioned movies are the best foreign films in our collection.