Best Foreign Films of 2021

This piece would talk about the best foreign films the world cannot wait to watch and have watched for 2021. Unfortunately, as a result of the 2020 pandemic, many movies and theaters went out of production. However, recovering from all that madness, the world has resumed its creation of wonderful movies for us to feel happy, delighted, and excited again. So check out some of the best foreign films of the year 2021. 

List of the Best Foreign Films of the Year 2021

Some of these movies have already been released while some of them are soon to be released. 

The White Tiger 

We would enjoy these movies because it has stars like Rajkummar Rao and Priyanka Chopra. Ramin Bahraini directed it. Netflix would release it. It is a crime drama based on a novel written by Aravind Adiga in 2008. The novel has the same name. I can’t wait for this to be released. 


This has movie stars like Emile Hirsch and Andi. Ivan Kavanagh directed it. This is an Irish horror thriller movie. About a little young man that became very ill because of a horrible illness. His mother needed to think of how she would protect him from dying from the disease. Quite scary, I’ll say. 

The Dig

Ralph Fiennes and Lily James starred in this movie, and Simon Stone directed it. It is a British biographical drama based on a novel that had the same name written by John Preston.


Stars in this movie include Harriet Walter and Clare Dunne. Phyllida Lloyd directed it. This is a British dramatic movie. A single mother decides to build her apartment after various housing systems refused to give her a house. 

Earwig and the Witch

This has stars like Etsushi Toyokawa and Shinobu Terajima. Goro Miyazaki directed it. This movie is a fantasy Japanese animated film from Studio Ghibli. It is based on a book written by Diana Wynne Jones about an orphan girl who was adopted.

My thoughts on the Best Foreign Films of 2021

I’ll mention some I know of the heart. These include the Eternals and Black Widow. Yes, I know they are both marvel movies. The reason I am mentioning both of them is strict because I’m a serious marvel fan. I can’t wait for Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness. There’s also What If. All of these movies, I think they are scheduled to come out in 2021. Some are scheduled to come out in 2022, though. 

I can’t wait for Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness because after WandaVision (which came out this year) finished, the last post-credit scene showed Wanda learning her magic. She heard her son call out to her definitely from another universe. The only route that could continue would be from Doctor Strange 2. I can’t wait to know what would happen. Then on What If, I heard it would be Captain Britain, Evil Doctor Strange, and Tchalla would be Star-lord. That’s going to be cool.