Best Film Schools in Dallas, Texas

Dallas, Texas has a lot to offer you as a filmmaker or a cinematographer, whether you’re a fan of Hollywood blockbusters or the best foreign films. If you are looking for a higher educational opportunity and you’re interested in studying films, Dallas is one of the places you could go to. If you are a media arts and a film buff, you should check this article out and know more about the bachelor’s and master’s degree programs for film schools in Dallas, Texas.

Things You Should Know

Several film programs are available through different four-year universities in Dallas. You could be interested in a bachelor’s degree program in art and performance with a serious concentration in filming.

If you are also interested in independent studies and internships in programs related to filming, you’ll need a portfolio to be admitted. If you already have a bachelor’s degree, then a two-year master’s degree in film and media arts could be pursued. A thesis is necessary for the completion of your degree.

Best Film Schools in Dallas, Texas

Southern Methodist University

Quick Facts:

·       The name of the program is B.A (Bachelor of Arts) in Film and Media Arts; B.F.A. (Bachelor of Fine Arts) in Film and Media Arts.

·       It has a length of four years and it is a full-time course.

·       It costs about $54,492 for residents of the area.

·       You need to be able to speak English, and also liberal arts and film.

·       You need to have a portfolio of creative work.

Southern Methodist University (SMU) is situated in the urban landscape of Dallas. It gives students more than one program option, which includes the BFA and the B.A. If you pursue the BFA option, you’ll need to finish a year’s long studies to get your senior thesis project.

There are different undergraduate classes which include film history, media theory, screenwriting, media and culture, audio production, and film exhibition.

At an upper-class status, you’ll get the opportunity to become an intern. You could also become a media art or a film minor at the university.

The University of Texas at Dallas

At this University of Texas at Dallas’ School of Arts and Humanities, you could study scholarly analysis and film history and become a performance or an art major. The courses you’ll cover would include genres, film culture, documentary, film making, and different perspectives of film. An independent study could also be done and original film projects could be analyzed too.

Get a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Visual and Performance Art. Become a master at film studies. It runs for four years and fill time. It costs about  $13,034 for residents and $36,876 for those that are not residents.